Celebrate Halloween like your a kid again!

Why Is Halloween So Underrated When We Get Older?

When you are young you want to go trick-or-treating but when we hit a certain point in time it seems to stop. Why?

For as long as I can remember, Halloween has been a holiday I have always admired. It's a time to be what we can't, even if some take it as an opportunity to dress up as a hot-dog.


More seriously, in recent years, I found that not many people around me do not want to celebrate this great day! The responses I get now of days is "were too old for that" and that "were in college, it's a little late to be playing dress-up."

Um, it is not dress-up! Ok, it may be dressed up but...

This is a time we don't have to be limited to our clothing style. This is a chance for the shy and timid to wear sexy costumes. This is a time to let out your inner diva! It is a time to be having fun and eating candy that will make you gain weight and you will swear you will lose it after Halloween since it's cold now but you will realize that in a month, you have Finals and really can't be bothered to work-out. Oops, is it only me?

I am in my first semester of University and it seems that not as many people want to celebrate and lose their minds. My Residential Hall is holding an "October Fest" on a substitute for Halloween, I guess with a costume contest and I am going to enter it! It is a week before Halloween day

But if you are not like that and just love the aesthetic of Halloween, I am with you! The cobwebs and spiders are a beautiful touch to the orange and brown tones of Fall/Winter. Or maybe, does anyone remember The Little Vampire? It is 18 years old now and still one of my favorites! There is also Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice, The Nightmare before Christmas, Halloweentown High, or Twitches. But if you like Horror movies, I cannot help you! I am not so good with Horror movies (it's a trauma from waking up and seeing Saw II playing on the TV)! I can't even watch Beetlejuice without getting scared now.

Now, a glance at statistics!

In 2013, an estimated 158 million Americans planned to celebrate Halloween according to the National Retail Federation.

In 2017, the NRF did another survey and it revealed that an estimated 179 million Americans said they planned to "partake in Halloween festivities."

It really surprised me that there is an increase of 21 million people in 5 years! It doesn't seem like it!

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