My Experience At Shortstack Modeling Agency Taught Me That I Was Enough

My Experience At Shortstack Modeling Agency Taught Me That I Was Enough

The modeling agency that wants you to be yourself.

The photo above is of Deidre (right) and me!

A modeling experience is absolutely unforgettable.

Now, let me tell you about Shortstack Modeling Agency and my absolutely unforgettable experience. It is kind of like a dream of a gig: you audition to be a model — nope, you don't have to have any experience. And no, you don't have to be 5'10. You're not too old, ages 14-24. You also don't need to be of any particular weight, have a certain style or any of the above — you just need one thing with them, and that's to be yourself.

Located in Queens, New York, Shortstack Modeling Agency has gotten the attention of many. They've had over 200 girls in their program and luckily I've had the pleasure of working with them. Not only does it cost ZERO dollars to audition or be in the program itself, but it has a ton of benefits.

Basically it's a two-fold process. There's the whole "modeling," "photoshoots," and learning how to be a model. But first, there's something that really sets them apart. They have self-esteem workshops, team building exercises, helping not only your self-growth but instead of competing with fellow models, you learn to love them as if they're your own sister. They become your family.

There are inspiring and loving directors, like Fran and Patricia, who literally give you so much support themselves and put in a ton of hard work, but also the lovely Hal and Tracy who make it possible to begin modeling.

Tracy's daughter Olivia is the actual founder of Shortstack — she actually walked on the same runway as me! They are some of the most understanding, least judgmental, and easy to talk to people I've met in my lifetime.

My own experience happened like this. I heard about Shortstack from people who lived in Queens when I was around 16. Yeah, hell no was I going to get up on a runway and strut my stuff in front of a bunch of strangers. The thought of people looking at me, my body, could make me vomit. Super intimidating. Plus, I was a total tomboy. Why would I be into fashion?

Fast forward to 19. My boyfriend and I broke up a month before auditions. Alright, so maybe now I would have some more spare time. I convinced one of my BFFs to apply with me (she's into the whole hair and makeup biz) and we auditioned.

I loved every person in my year. The runway show was a total thrill. I met Indira and Deidre who literally gave me life, and they were apart of the "veterans" so I had two amazing ladies to look up to. I aspired to radiate the confidence and sexiness they possessed. They were so fierce. The first time I saw them walk, I could literally only dream to be half as good as they were.

Shortstack literally changed me as a person and transformed my outlook on life. I will forever be grateful to my impulse in "just doing it," the inspiring people I came to love, and the support that I was given. And, hell yeah I did my first runway show!

Cover Image Credit: Kris Atomic

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The Biggest Sister Scandal In The Beauty Community

James Charles is corrupted by his fame and ultimately set up his failure.


The beauty community tea is piping hot. Tati Westbrook uploaded a forty-three minute long video basically outing James Charles as a sexual predator and explained how she was there for him through all of his struggles, just to find out she was only a piece in his game of success. James Charles then posted a not-so convincing eight minute apology video and the internet went crazy.

In Tati's video we gain insight on James Charles' personality when the camera is off. Come to find out, a lot of influencers already knew James Charles to be a predator as he is constantly messaging and hitting on straight guys. When someone is presumed a predator, most of their victims come forth and share their experience, James Charles is no exception. There have been multiple people post videos about their experience with him, most of which have similar outcomes of James being turned down, getting heartbroken, and basically telling them that they definitely are not straight. Many of the people who had posted videos about their experience with James involve alcohol, whether he is trying to get them drunk or being suggestive while the other person is drunk. He goes after straight guys that he has no chance with and then plays the victim. Many influencers that had been there for him since the beginning of his career knew that his predatory tendencies were an issue and had actually spoken to him about it, telling him that if he doesn't stop it would be the downfall of his career. But as he was gaining more success, it seems as though he didn't think it would make a difference.

When I first heard about James Charles being canceled, I really wanted to be on his side. I thought that maybe this whole situation is blown way out of proportion, but when I watched the videos it was really clear that this was the shock that James Charles needs to fix himself. At first, it seems like a random video post that shouldn't have been public, but Tati explains that she tried to talk to James, he just doesn't listen. His only excuse is that he is a celebrity, so why would any of his actions have consequences?

Before James was famous, he was ambitious and had huge potential. It seems as though he was really kind, humble, and willing to do whatever it takes to reach his goal. However, when fame got to his head, he lost sight of who he is. It seems as though he is unwilling to compromise and wants to control most of the people he interacts with. Based on many sources of evidence, it's clear to see that James only cares about himself and his career and it doesn't matter who he hurt including strangers, close friends, and relatives.

It is really sad to see someone who is still in their teens go from really successful to hated by millions of his supporters. His ego and entitlement was the downfall of his career. I have hope that he will take a break and be able to redeem himself. Life went from all good to chaos in a matter of one day. Many people and brands do not want to be associated with him because of his predatory tendencies and entitlement, which would make it difficult to get a job outside of YouTube. Looking at James as a person and not like a celebrity, this must be one of the most difficult times in his life. However, it is hard to feel bad for him as he set up his own demise. He made fatal mistakes, but if he can get his act together and make the correct apologies I think he can bounce back, but handle the responsibility as a celebrity correctly after his biggest sister scandal.

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