"But Carson, autumn doesn't officially start until September 22nd!" So? The second it hit September, fall has been in full swing for me. Pumpkin spice everything has been raining down across the country, the weather is at least a couple degrees cooler despite it being a solid 90+ degrees here on the daily, and I've already seen one or two leaves on the floor.

But why is fall called autumn, and vice versa? No, it's not because "LEAVES FALL DOWN," which is what a lot of people think. Long story short, a lot of the English language is composed of bits and pieces of other languages, and "fall" as well as "autumn" ended up staying in the list of words people used a lot. Fall is more informal, whereas autumn is extremely formal. It's one of those words you have to say with a bit of a scowl towards modern day American English. Autumn.

Anyway, back to this glorious season. In the next few weeks, we will start seeing an endless amount of fall oriented pictures, such as the flood of pumpkin spice lattes and aesthetically pleasing landscapes full of reds and oranges.

The months of September and October are pretty much one big month known as Halloween, with October having slightly more emphasis on spooky Halloween stuff. Soon, the skeleton war will be in full swing and scary movies will be played 'round the clock on T.V.

On the first of this month, I went to Target early on one extremely rainy morning. I was one of approximately three other non employees I saw in the store. Upon walking in, I was greeted with a new fall display that a few workers were still finishing setting up. When I first saw it, I gawked over it with stupefied wide eyes, scanning through all the Halloween and fall related items, such as decorations and arts and crafts stuff. I ended up buying a cool little picture of a framed raven on top of text background. My first Halloween decoration of the year.

Anyway, I hope you liked my random nonsense, and that your autumn is full of fun festivities.