Alright, so clouds are pretty common, and the majority of people see them every day. Key word: "see." Seeing clouds and looking at clouds are two pretty different things. Seeing clouds is like, "hey lol, it's cloudy today." Whereas looking at clouds is more along the lines of, "wow, these floating blobs of frozen water droplets are forming a pretty cool thing."

That's the joy behind clouds: they are simply floating collections of frozen water droplets. Though, their appearances are 100% unique, like a human fingerprint.

Instead of seeing clouds as part of the background, look at them as you would while star gazing, and try to make them seem like something bigger than they are made out to be. Clouds are pretty big, and are great for putting a sort of perspective into the immediate world around you, much like staring at the cosmos can make you feel like an ant in comparison to the entire universe.

Clouds are kind of like the stars of Earth, meaning that because there are so many of them, they can often get overlooked or ignored.

When looking at clouds, there is a seemingly endless amount of things you can see them become. Be it a pirate ship, monster, your ex bae, or even just basic shapes. The images seen in clouds can change every few seconds, even if just slightly. For instance, the dragon you see might now have a mustache. Clouds are, at the very least, subjective.

See, in this image, is the dark portion of the cloud the bottom where the least sunlight is shining through, or is it just a more dense portion of the cloud? Who knows even? Well, I am sure people do, particularly cloud experts, but I'm not one of those. Notice how it looks as if I could touch it if I was on top of my neighbors roof.

The way the lighting is in this one is pretty weird too. I think it was close to sunset when I took this one. What do you see when you take a good hard look at it? That's right, you see a man in his mid 30's drinking a cup of tea.

I hope this makes sense.