Clothing brands have recently become very inclusive of bodies in every shape and size...there's not only sizes from 00-12, but there's also plus sizes ranging from 14-26+.

These sizes seem extremely inclusive, and that's amazing. We're all about that body positivity and self-love in 2019.

However, as a girl with a mid-sized body, I can say it's actually hard to find clothes that fit me perfectly.

I'm don't always fit in regular sizing, but I don't necessarily fit in plus sizes either.

Walking into a store, it's difficult trying to explain to an employee that I cannot find my size. They'll tell me that they offer regular and plus sizes, so I don't have to worry. But little do they know, it's not that easy.

When shopping at Forever 21, it's either I get a size XL (if I can even find that size in the store) or try to find the smallest plus size option, which is a 0x (and sometimes that's too big).

When shopping for cute summer skirts, it's either I get a size bigger than I normally wear and just wish and pray that pairing it with a belt will make it fit around my waist, or get a size smaller and suffocate after eating mashed potatoes at family barbecues.

It's such a struggle finding the right size for me when the size I wear is in between the scales of every brand.

In addition, I've found that it's very rare to hear of a "Mid-Sized Body," and most people don't even realize that it's an actual term. Most clothing brands either think a person will be able to fit in regular sizes or plus sizes, not thinking about bodies that may fit in between.

As summer approaches, I just want to be able to wear airy clothing items that aren't too tight, and aren't too loose. But every time I try on clothes, it feels like a new battle.

So if you're someone like me who is considered a "Mid-Sized Body," just know that you are not alone.

I feel you, girl.

From my extremely belted waist to my super tight fitting bikini top,

I feel you.