Are They Talking About Me?

Quiet, I heard her whisper, they might be able to hear you.

The whispered secret, hushed gossip, backwards glance,

Creates an anxiety inside that throws my mind askew.

Were they talking about me? I wonder, mind running crazy.

Was it something I said? Something I did?

I’m so sick of all this behind-the-back language,

All of the tiptoeing around.

Why can’t we all get along and play nice?

I hear someone laugh and wonder if it’s at me.

When did I become so paranoid?

Do I really care about how much people think?

I try to ignore it, but inside I feel as though all eyes are on me.

When did society, and even life, become this way?

Everyone talking about others behind closed doors.

I wish people would understand that making fun of other people isn’t cool.

It’s bullying, and it won’t get them anywhere.

But they can change, and better their lives for it.

Why all of the secrecy. All of the fake smiles. The forced laughs, and begrudging conversations.

When did life come to this?

What happened to normal conversations?

Ones without gossip or trash talk.

Where are all the honest people?

The ones who can talk about anything, and not depend on gossip.

Who is really the winner here, in a world full of whispered secrets?

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