5 Reasons 'She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power' Should Be At The Top Of Your Netflix Bucketlist

5 Reasons 'She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power' Should Be At The Top Of Your Netflix Bucketlist

For the honor of Grayskull!


The Netflix original series "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power" premiered its first season just a few weeks ago on November 13, 2018. This show is a reboot of "She-Ra: Princess of Power" which ran only from 1985 until late 1986 for two seasons with a total of 93 episodes. She-Ra came back into the light a bit after an aggressively popular He-Man meme of "What's Going On" by Non 4 Blondes swept the internet. For those that don't know, She-Ra is He-Man's twin sister -- or at least that's what their original shows depicted. Perhaps that meme helped push this reboot into production, or perhaps it didn't, but either way, we've been blessed with an incredibly progressive and entertaining show. When I rave about this new favorite, these are five points I try to sell to my friends:

1. Women in positions of authority

Well, this one's sort of a dead giveaway since the show is, after all, centered around princesses, hence the "and the Princesses of Power" in the show's title, but let's just reflect on how refreshing it is to have a show so dominated with strong, intelligent women. Now, I understand there are other franchises that are very female-dominated -- the Disney princesses come to mind right away -- but each of these Etherian ladies do more than just flaunt enchanting singing voices and pretty locks of hair. Their dreams go beyond love and world exploration as they choose to use their authority to both protect and change Etheria for the greater good themselves, without needing men to do the work for them.

2.  A prominent LGBTQ character lineup

Romance in this series has been relatively subtle. No one has outright admitted to being in a same-sex relationship, let alone any relationships besides the potential connection between Mermista and Seahawk or Bow and Perfuma at prom, but there have been several nods to LGBTQ couples and love connections. Adora and Catra is one potential pairing, Netossa and Spinnerella as another and, during the prom episode, there were several same-sex dyads clearly in romantic poses (see the Tweet's bottom right picture above for reference). Love is love is love!

3. A beautiful character array of all shapes, sizes and colors.

I mean, just look at that glorious cast! There are traditional-looking races represented, but there are new ones, too! Purple, pink, gray and so forth. Now, this particular image is a little exaggerated for aesthetic purposes, but it's very clear throughout the series that skin differences are prominent yet undiscussed because equality is so integrated into their society that skin differences are irrelevant. You might also notice that some character are taller, like She-Ra and Scorpia, while others are tiny, like Frosta. And, not to mention, others are thicc queens and muscular women owning their bodies. Among all of these diverse women, there is now a much larger audience can identify with at least one on the cast.

4. Stunning world design

This one has been up for debate because a substantial amount of fans have criticized the 2D animation style, hoping for further motion and more detail that competing shows, like "The Dragon Prince," offer. Now, those are valid points, but in my opinion, this style is a nod to the older animation quality that the original '80s series had. Plus, the series chose to emphasize scenery as opposed to fighting. I'd much rather have a more vibrant, panoramic introductory scene of each kingdom to become immersed as opposed to a few extra details in fight sequences, wouldn't you?

5. Character development in nearly every episode

Adora, Catra and Glimmer are anything but static. Since the very first episode, it's clear that their moral gears have been continuously turning. Throughout the series, you'll see Adora look past what she was raised to know from the Horde, becoming her own person while also learning how to save the world from evil. Catra, Adora's lifelong friend, is also seen going through turbulent self-journeys, teetering between the lines of good and evil as she's taunted with inner feelings of pain, jealousy and the craving for power. Glimmer is another character you'll see develop gradually, becoming more mature and learning how to put her stubbornness aside.

What are you waiting for? Season 1 is only 13 episodes. That's perfect to cram in during a day of winter break. Binge away!

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