Don't ignore what may be underneath.

You may see her and what you see on the outside.

But a different girl lies on the inside.

A girl who has more fears that she lets show,

a girl who always has a smile on her face.

But her life is hard,

she struggles and holds in her tears.

She has her ups and downs,

but she also has her greatest moments.

Her dreams are big and her heart is even bigger.

You would know this if you took the time to see what is underneath.

Get to know her for her flaws and insecurities.

Let her cry to you,

let her express herself to you,

let her know that she is worth it and that she is loved.

She will worry more because she cares more.

She carries baggage on her shoulders,

but when she is ready

she will let it go and be free.

Don't rush her.

Care for her.

She will need extra attention.

She is delicate.


She is a human being just like you

and she is beautiful.