And Then She Fell In Love.

She had stopped believing in love. She wasn't was starting to think she didn't deserve it for some reason, or if God had somehow forgotten her when He was pairing up soulmates. She knew it existed in movies, books, and for certain people, but she had simply given up on the chance of it being in the cards for her. She had been burned for the last time. She was all about being Carrie Bradshaw forever.

"It'll happen when you least expect it." They said.

"You'll find someone better." They assured her, as she tried to piece her heart back together after a guy had shattered it.

She was always the second choice. The guy would always choose someone else over her and she never knew why. It honestly felt like a curse. She felt like she wasn't enough, and there is no defeat greater than that.

Why her? Why wasn't she good enough to be loved?

And why not her? Why was she not chosen? - Questions that constantly whirled around her head, consuming her with self-doubt.

After months of anger, confusion, sadness, and searching for the unrecognizable pieces of her heart: She fell in love.

She fell in love with herself. It was only then that she found the guy who would always love her first, the guy who only had eyes for her.

She wanted to be loved completely. She woke up and realized that this was her life, and she was done placing her happiness into the hands of a man who didn't cherish it.

It was on that day that she booked the quickest flight to the beach. She wanted to stand by the ocean and realize how small her problems were in comparison to the immensity of the sea, and that's exactly what she did.

She woke up early every day, drank her coffee, ran along the ocean, and read with her toes in the sand. She let the sunshine hit her face and bring warmth to her soul... the soul she thought had turned ice cold. Those days brought her back to life.

She found herself again. It was during this time that she received a text from a friend back home who would change it all. The guy who had always been there.

She returned home and this guy continued to fight for her. He wasn't one for romantic gestures and fancy dates. He was true, honest, and humble. He cared for her and knew her for who she really was, and more importantly, he knew that the girl she had been for the last few months wasn't the real her. He brought her back home, he showed her who she really was, and he looked at her like he would choose her first for the rest of his days.

His insight and belief in the real her was the most special thing anyone had ever done for her. Being loved by him changed her life.

She used to be shattered, but then he loved her.

She used to believe that love wasn't in the cards, but then he loved her.

She used to think that he couldn't love... but then he loved her.

Her world was once black and white- But then he loved her.

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