Robert Shaw Hall, STEM living and learning community is hands down the best dorm on Syracuse's campus. If you were lucky enough to live in

1. It has the BEST dining hall.

Not only is it super convenient that there is a dining hall in the building, but it just so happens to be the best one on campus. I mean come on... there are milkshakes every. single. day.

2. The rooms are so nice and newly renovated.

The furniture in the Shaw dorms seem fairly new, and the rooms are a decent size. The closets are huge and built into the wall an have cubbies. (Yes! Cubbies!!!!) The beds can be raised super high and the dresser can be separated into two units of new drawers. If you look at a Shaw dorm room and say it isn't nice, then you've clearly never been to Day Hall.

3. So many lounges and study rooms.

There are literally SO many study rooms and lounges, all with super nice flat screen TVs. You can always find a great place in Shaw to study. Instead of having to brave the cold to go to the library, you can stay in the comfort of Shaw and use one of the tons of recreational rooms available.

4. It is right across the street from campus.

The walk from Shaw to campus is the easiest out of all of the dorms. Life Sciences building is directly across the street, so it is a quick commute. (This is super great when you have class in LSB because you don't have to leave until five minutes before.) Also, the Dome is only 3 blocks away.

Shaw keeps you super connected to the campus without the need for the bus or anything but the heel-toe express.

5. It is a learning community.

Shaw is a STEM dorm, so all the people that live around you have similar classes and interests with you. This makes it super easy to make friends there, and consequently, in your classes too.

Having neighbors who are in the same classes as you is super convenient because if you ever have a question to need help, you have a floor full of peers who might be able to help. It is great to have people around you that you can do homework with and study with.

6. It isn't too big, so everyone knows each other.

There are only 5 floors in Shaw, so it doesn't fit too many people. Some other freshmen dorms at 'Cuse have over 20 floors. That is huge! In Shaw, because there isn't too many people, everyone gets to know each other, and it becomes a close knit community.