Shame on you for thinking that even a fake depiction of a severed head is in any way an appropriate way to make a statement. This is why I chose to stop studying politics and that's because it's lost any humanity it may have once had. We have let politics determine a person’s character and self-worth.

Whether you like Trump or disagree with every word he says, he's still a person. No matter what he says about someone else, it does not mean that the backlash has to take the same path he does. Don’t fight fire with fire, it makes you just as bad as him.

Trump has children, a wife, and family who loves him. He has supporters who appreciate him and co-workers that believe in him. You probably have all these things, too. Now imagine if those people who surround you saw an imagine like that but it was of you.

Imagine how sickened they would be. Imagine how unnerved they would feel, how violated their minds would be. The way you and your loved ones would feel is exactly how Trump and his loved ones feel now.

At the end of the day, party lines don't matter. What matters is the respect of humanity. The decency to appreciate that every human has a heartbeat and belongs to the Earth. Party affiliation does not define worth as a human being, Kathy Griffin. Just because he has his beliefs you're allowed to "behead" him? Would you do the same to me if I said I liked chocolate ice cream when you liked vanilla? That sounds stupid, doesn't it? Well, the same ideology applies here.

And beyond Trump and his family, did you even consider the families who have been affected by violent crimes in our terroristic and uncontrollably violent world? Paris, San Bernadino, Sandy Hook, Orlando, Manchester, Boston. How about the journalists who were beheaded by terrorists? James Foley? Steven Sotloff? What about their families?

Barely three years after an absolute tragedy, those people don't need to turn on the news to see a comedian making a mockery of such a gruesome act that took the lives of the one they loved.

What were you thinking, Kathy Griffin? Thought you were making a statement about political activism and righteousness? All you did was reaffirm to me that I don't want to spend my life in politics. And your further affirmed how unimportant they really are. Politics mean nothing in comparison to human life, and I never want to feel like my beliefs could comparison my worth as a living being.

I know this article will be followed by plenty of people saying, “oh well this happened when Obama was in office” or “people did this while Bush was President." People are going to pull examples from the past to try and justify or equalize the situation.

Those who hate Trump will want to take any sympathy away from him, and by all means, go ahead. If you want to be the person who takes the low road and accepts this kind of immature and gruesome behavior that is your business. But, if you would like, try seeing past party lines and realize we are all human beings and no one, no matter who they are, deserve to feel threatened or belittled in this way.