Why This Generation's Hunt For Relations is Ruined

Oh yes, the Millennial and Generation Z era... the best generation to be alive and in love. Or is it? With the new era's mindset on love and relationships being so controversial, is dating life really in jeopardy due to the new outlook? I believe it is, and I think people should be more aware of the way we carry and care for ourselves.

Let's look at what in terms of sex and sexuality a relationship is. Often what makes a relationship, a relationship, is always a controversial topic in this category. Personally sexual relationships are just the overall norm nowadays. As for relationships in this millennial age, it is all about sex, creating sex as the higher power necessity. Therefore, causing apps like Tinder and OkCupid, etc. to be the power ladder of maintaining a relationship or obtaining one. When in reality it is just a way for us people to find sex with people we consider cool or attractive and then deem off as "eh, OK" and never maintain a connection with ever again.

Creating more non-monogamous relationships, and only use those apps for that specific purpose. And let's be real here, everyone's had or has had a Tinder account, but answer the most important part of it. How often are you swiping right? And when you do is the person you're "liking" ideal? And ladies let's be real as well, how often are you swiping left based off appearance? And are the men that you've encountered only really use the app to find sex? Same for you guys, how often are you guys swiping right based on appearance?

If your answers were "Yeah/ Often/ Always" or it starts with "I mean-" that's a problem. Sex has become such a pivotal part of our generation's culture that we often dismiss the idea of not having it, and look for ways to get it right away. Whether it be men or women, it goes both ways whether you agree or disagree. No matter the sexual orientation either, sexual relations run high in the community and is always looked for or always mentioned. Given through the media and what we watch/listen to is not just a huge motivator but a push into the sexual drive. The media knows that people in our generation are having sex constantly, why do you think there are always HIV check-up commercials, or HIV prevention pills commercials or even condom commercials? And what age group is always depicted in the commercial? That's right young people.

Nonetheless, let's say you are the type of people who doesn't look for sex in a relationship but see it as a cool perk but don't often want to partake in it. Well, that's cool but do other people think that way too? Not so much, and when looking for a potential partner, how often is sex a big topic that's brought up? If your answer was "a lot" or "often" then you're starting to see the issue here. Regular relationships and normal old school dating are no longer relevant. Or if it is, it's often rare. I may be only 20, but I remember how old school dating used to be. You would meet a partner, dipping yourself a bit into a talking or "dating" phase and then you'd initiate the proposal of asking them out for a romantic evening.

Whether it'd be dinner or a combo of dinner and a movie, it didn't matter, but you were at least able to start off slow. Then by the next date, you were able to distinguish whether you both want to officially date and begin the relationship. Unless you're like me who's been given the older fashion experiences several times where I've asked the girl out, after her saying yes, I'd have to ask the parents for their consent as well to officially date their daughter. Either way, it was more traditional and had a more romantic feel.

It's different nowadays, our's and the new generation's form of romance is asking a person to Netflix and chill and then most likely form a friend with benefits relationship or never see them again. Or in other terms, "hit it and quit it." Dating is not like it used to be back then, with this new change of pace- relationships are becoming just a tool to fuel the facade over our disguises. It's because like mentioned, most people nowadays want non-monogamous relationships. People would rather have the sensation and overall attracted feeling of sex and wanting a short-term fling than a full-fledged relationship.

Thus creating sexual relationships with no sense of emotional attachment, having sex left and right. While double standards underlay a controversial issue as well. Most times, it is often praised when a man has had sex with many women, and it's usually damned if a woman was to do the same or date a lot of men. But, what about people who are considered virgins and haven't had a partner or haven't had sex yet and are almost adults? Every aspect of that just seems wrong to diminish people like that.

Overall, I believe relationships nowadays are kind of ruined. We should bring back the traditional way! Ask your partner out, take them out on a date! It shouldn't always be about sex. Yes, sex is a benefit but getting to know your partner and have a full-on connection with them is a huge perk. So get out there and be romantic! Go spread some love out there!

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