Get The FUCK Off Of Me

Sex is something that should be enjoyable and satisfying. If you are sexually active then you should understand there are occasions when you are left unsatisfied - not a good feeling, especially when you are really vibing the guy. But, sex is only fun when you are you are willing to express yourself, in that manner, with the individual.

In no way is it appropriate to force yourself onto another person. Honey, just because a girl/ guy has their eyes open, and they appear alert, that does not mean you should put it down on them. Calm down! It is only acceptable to give someone that "good good" when they are verbally saying "Yes." It is silly that people think a nod, grin, or thumbs up is equivalent to verbally consenting. Can we please understand that is not the same thing, honey get it together.

Oh, and can we be vocal in the bedroom? Please. You should set up boundaries and limits, maybe even set up a safe word that indicates that the other needs to stop - immediately. For a person, as myself, that is vanilla in the bedroom you should not frighten the person with a chain, whip or some freaky deaky lasso. Whoa, that'll bring their pants back up faster than when they were taken off. No baby, bye. Do not start choking someone out and then ask, "You like that," because what if they cannot breathe? Yikes! It is essential to address what is okay to happen to you before you are in a situation that involves you fearing for your life. You should verbally ask if this is alright and receive the verbal agreement, from the other person before beginning the more ''intermediate'' style.

Also, there are sexual things that many people do not want to partake in - like anal or oral sex. You cannot expect every partner to be as willing as the previous one, therefore, do not try to force anything onto the other person. If anything is forced, onto a person, it can create serious problems for the person being penetrated. If you are into the more dominant style, be aware of your limits and use the correct products to prevent issues - like lubrication and maybe even preparation tools (i.e. a butt plug). Assure with your partner that it is acceptable to try these positions and use the appropriate resources.

It is very important to understand the importance of verbal consent from your partner. If your partner says "No" or looks uncomfortable, at any point, stop and communicate about it. The bedroom should have no secrets and should be a place of being respectful/ understanding of boundaries. Sex should be used to express emotion and romance, not terrify someone or harm them. Be sure to use protection and the correct essentials when wanting to have sex, and do not be scared of stating your limits prior to intercourse.

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