1. People chewing with their mouth open

People chewing with their mouths open I find completely rude and disgusting! What's so hard about chewing with your mouths closed, people?

2. Being left on read

It's not that hard to simply reply and say, "I'm busy talk to you later," or just don't even open the message or whatever until you can respond.

3. Someone using the letter "K" to respond

Using "K" to respond is by far one of the most annoying things to reply with... How is someone supposed to respond to you after you say "k"?

4. People in general

People, people are just so annoying sometimes, just being around them irritates me - I don't know how else to say it!

5. Their dad

They hit this one spot on, he really does annoy me with some of the things he has done…

6. The male population

The male population, yeah you aren't kidding! They are the worst human beings to talk to about anything, and they are just so annoying when they think they are always right when 99.999% of the time they aren't! Honestly, also I hate how cocky some guys really are!

7. Old people

Okay, okay, I know what you are all thinking at this point - "Wow what a b****." Well, no, not all old people are annoying, but when they shouldn't be driving and they still do; that's kind of annoying. Or when they say, "Back in my day, things like this never would have been this bad." Well, news flash, things back then were still pretty bad I hate to tell you that, but I don't think all old people are annoying I promise you that!

I swear I am not crazy, these seven things are the worst and I am sure some of you can agree with at least two of not three of these being so annoying!