7 Reasons Why Animals Are Better Than People

7 Reasons Why Animals Are Better Than People

Cuddles are subpar with humans, however, when a little fluffy friend snuggles up next to you in bed, there is no greater feeling.

Caitlin Yannizzi

My personality may not show it, but I would much rather prefer to spend my days with animals rather than people. Animals just get it. They know what I need, and when I need it, and they are always there to keep me happy. I could go on and on with reasons of why animals are better than people, but for now, I will keep it with my personal top seven reasons why I prefer four-legged friends over two-legged ones.

1. They know when you are sad or acting unlike your normal self

We all have our days. I certainly have mine. Those days where you do not want to get out of bed because it feels like the whole entire world is against you. The times when nothing is going your way and all you want to do is cry. Usually, these feelings that come upon us are caused by other human beings, real life people causing this distress in our lives. And, that is why animals are way better to come home to at the end of the day as opposed to people (no offense).

2. They won’t judge you for the decisions you make — good or bad

Hannah Montana said it herself, “Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days”. We all make mistakes, and we all make choices that are not the best for others or, more importantly, ourselves. On the contrary, we have all made life changing choices that have impacted us positively and made a smile come across our faces. Animals know when we are down on ourselves for a bad decision, and even when we are happy and celebrating about a good one. They are always there to crack open a cold one and celebrate, or rip open the tissue box and sob on the couch with you for hours. Life comes equipped with tons of both scenarios, and having animals alongside you for the journey makes it all a lot easier.

3. They give the best cuddles you could ever imagine

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Cuddles are sub-par with humans, however, when a little fluffy friend snuggles up next to you in bed, there is no greater feeling. Their soft fur up against your skin, and the look they give you to reassure you that they are comfortable too, so you better not even think about moving at all anytime soon. Let’s face it, cuddles with animals are way better than cuddles with humans.

4. The only time they leave you broken hearted is when their time on earth comes to an end

People are very good at breaking each others hearts, and letting those down that they love the most. Of all of the animals I have come across in my lifetime thus far, not one of them has broken my heart, except for when they left me to go to animal heaven. People suck, and they make life harder to live sometimes. But animals, they could never let you down. I mean, come on, their fuzzy little faces and cute little paws are unbearable, they could never hurt you. Being heartbroken is the worst, but one thing is for sure, animals will never ever break yours on purpose.

5. They exhibit the true definition of loyalty

Even the best of friends can go back on their level of loyalty towards you. It is hard to trust anyone in this world today, but animals are some of the few that can be trusted. They will never leave your side, and once they have found their human, they never replace them for another, no matter the number of mistakes they have made or the choices they make. Loyalty is the key to happiness in a relationship, especially those with animals.

6. They are not afraid to hide their true feelings

If an animal is mad, they are not afraid to show it, and if they are happy, oh boy you will know. Animals, unlike people, do not have a habit of sending mixed signals or masking how they really feel about you. If an animal likes you, you will know, and I can promise you that. They will follow you everywhere, and more importantly, they will make sure you include them in all that you do. If you annoy them or do something they are not a fan of, they will let you know, don’t you fret.

7. They may act stupid, but they look cute while doing it

People are stupid, this we all can admit to. However, animals act stupid on a daily basis, whether they are chasing their own tail or barking at their shadows on the wall, and they can look cute doing it. Humans? Not so much. Animals are cute while they sleep, eat and even breathe, but humans are only cute doing those things for the first twelve months or so of their lives, then it gets old and natural. Animals may do some stupid things now and again, but no matter what, they are the cutest little things that God could have possibly granted us. Sometimes, they are so cute that I question if us humans even deserve such precious creatures like them.

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