Seven People You See On Quad Day

Seven People You See On Quad Day

Quad day. It’s the most stereotypical college moment” there is. 

With over 1100 registered student organizations (RSOs), and 33,000 undergraduate students invited, there are bound to be some crazy things that happen and some weird people. No matter what, you’ll always see these seven people on quad day. 

1. Ultra-prepared freshman. She has a color coded map of the quad and highlighted a route in order to, most efficiently, make her way around. She’s already looked up the clubs she’s interested in joining. They all would look great on her resume, and she even created a separate email for club involvement. She came prepared with anything she could possibly need, which is good because she didn’t expect the quad to be quite so crowded.

2. Lost freshman. He came because his parents and his RA told him to, and quad day always looks fun in the movies. He just arrived on campus and is immediately overwhelmed with the craziness. Is it possible to have this many clubs and so many people? He wants to join something, but how to choose? How to even find something that he would be interested in? He grabs a few fliers and puts his email down for some random clubs, then goes to where the free food is.

3. Hungover club member stuck working the booth. No one signed up to run the booth and since she’s best friends with the president, she just couldn’t say no. However, it didn’t stop her from partying the night before, and now she’s seriously regretting that decision because of how bright it is and how many questions she’s being asked by that ultra-prepared freshman. 

4. Senior who’s only there because he wants free stuff. He’s been through quad day many times and isn't planning on joining anything new. However, he just can’t resist the lure of all the freebies. He didn't buy any pens this year, in anticipation, and already knows which clubs give out the best stuff. 

5. Overly-excited president of a new RSO. They got all the paperwork approved and have a great cause. Now all they need is members. They’re super excited to spread the word about their new organization and are practically throwing fliers at people and begging for emails! Thankfully, some overwhelmed freshmen scribbled their information on the sign-up sheet. Some of them actually seemed interested. 

6. Espresso employees who hand out free coupons. Everyone loves Espresso Royale, and everyone loves free stuff. So everyone loves it when the Espresso workers stalk the quad giving out free medium coffee coupons. In fact, people hide their coupons and wait until another worker offers one to them. If you play your cards right, you could be getting free coffee for the rest of the semester! 

7. The one who goes to every booth. You know her when you see her. Her bag is stuffed to the brim with fliers and freebies. She has the wide eyed look of a freshman who just doesn’t know how to say no and since she’s an undecided major, she might as well try out all sorts of clubs and activities to try to figure out what she wants to do with her life. Little does she know, for the rest of the semester her email will be clogged with spam from clubs she never really wanted to join.

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To The One About To Graduate

You may not know the next step to take after you get off that stage at graduation, but that can be the best part.

To the one about to graduate:

Congratulations! This is your final semester of your undergraduate college career. You have enjoyed a nice four (five, maybe six) years at your school, and all of your hard work, blood, sweat, and tears is finally about to pay off.

As someone who is about to graduate soon, I am not going to lie and say that looking into the abyss isn’t both thrilling and terrifying. There are few times in a person’s life when your life is absolutely full of opportunities.

There are so many possible choices for you to make as a new graduate. Maybe you want to settle down with your significant other and start a family. Perhaps you want to pursue a graduate degree and become a lawyer or doctor. If you are like me, you are possibly still deciding between many options.

The scariest part of the unknown is simply what it is: not knowing.

However, it should also be exciting. The future is ripe with possibilities, thrills, and sure maybe some disappointments. Not knowing is what makes life exciting.

Yes, your entire life has been clear-cut with someone telling you where to go next. This is the first time your choices are completely up to you, and that is something to celebrate!

You can be a YouTube star or a stay at home mom or dad, or you can travel the world and run a blog from wherever you find yourself on that particular day.

You could become a yoga teacher or a corporate lawyer, or maybe you realize you love education so much that you want to be a professional student for life.

For the first time in your life, there is no wrong choice or necessarily a right choice. You don’t have to go in a certain direction. You don’t need to have everything figured out, and it is okay to fail once in a while.

Your post-graduation years are meant for finding your way. Along the way, you may take a stumble or two, and that is perfectly fine.

As long as you continue to pick yourself up and commit to finding your way, you will find it eventually.

You may not know the next step to take after you get off that stage at graduation, but that can be the best part.


Someone Also Trying To Find Their Own Way

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Confessions of a Single Mother in Her Twenties While in College

My new motivation

It's hard to imagine that at a mere 23 years of age a piece of me is running around, screaming the few words he knows, tormenting the family pets. It's even harder to remember that a few short years ago, this was not my plan. And boy, was I in for a reality check.

Looking around all I see is my friends, my classmates, and my peers going out and having a good time, achieving and exceeding all their goals. They can all take road trips at a moment's notice, to nowhere in particular. Sleeping until 3 in the afternoon on any day is a thing of the past.

What people do not realize is, as a mother in her early twenties, I was made to put many things on hold. A whole new life was in my hands. This was my new life.

Before being a mom, I thought I knew what it was like to be stressed, to be busy. My anxiety and depression were at all time highs. Most of the time I wouldn't make it half a day without a potential breakdown. That was my new life.

I had so many goals set long before the surprise blessing of motherhood. The cold, hard truth was that I was no longer the most important person in my life. Why do I keep reiterating that fact? Because, though I have always been a very selfless individual, I was now thrown into an entirely new level of it all. I know I am not alone.

Now, I balance a work life, college attendance, and try to still achieve all the goals I set out for all those years ago, somewhat changing my path as I have gone along. No more are the late night study sessions or cramming for exams. Nowadays, one must meticulously plan every possible free moment and be open to the fact that nothing will ever go to plan.

Having a support system makes it all feasible. I can see an end, though not within reach quite yet. I am doing so much on my own, little support, but the support I do have makes my goals achievable after all. It reminds me that this does not mean I have to give up. I have a little person that looks up to me, he relies on me. In the big scheme of things, he will be just as proud as I will be of myself.

It is not all bad. The staggering amount of love I have for this tiny human is intensely overwhelming, as is the love he has for me in his smile when he sees me walk through the door after a long, hard day of work. He is my new motivation, where before motivation was lacking. The things I now do for him I once dreaded doing. Study sessions are no easier to get through, but knowing that it will all pay off and provide a sense of stability for my child and myself is rewarding and pushes me through the next chapter and beyond.

You cannot let life get in the way, use your experiences as a fuel to the fire, as I have done. I am prepared for it to take longer, I am prepared for the sacrifice of missing out on a few things while he is young, and I know I will be able to provide for him when he is older and be able to prove to him anything you set your mind to is possible with enough hard work and perseverance.

I am a college student. I work full time. I am a Mom. I CAN do it all.

Cover Image Credit: Harsh The Blog

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