Every restaurant may be different, but that doesn't totally mean that the staff is. They may not wear the same nametag, but you'll almost always find these servers everywhere. Here are 10 servers every waiter or waitress has worked with before.

1. The one always giving up their shift

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Literally how does this person even have money? They're never even at work, I swear.

2. The one always picking up shifts

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This person has all the money. No social life, but lots of money. The favorite of the server listed above.

3. The good-looking one

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They could honestly suck and still make better money than most of us tbh, just because they're attractive.

4. The manager's favorite

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With the best tables, the best schedule, the best everything because management just loves them. This server can do no wrong, and even if they do wrong it's still fine.

5. The hot mess

Might as well tattoo the word "Weeded" onto their forehead. You'll be bailing them out all night.

6. The veteran

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They've been with this restaurant forever and they've seen some things, man. They'll be here when the place closes.

7. The one with the regulars

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May or may not also be the veteran as well. Everyone under the sun ALWAYS wants to sit in their section.

8. The gossip

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They could probably get a job with the tabloids with how well the keep up with the latest drama. They always know the 411.

9. The sailor

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AKA everything that comes out of their mouth in the alley is a curse word. They drop the f-bomb more than any other phrase.

10. The pro

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Dinner rush or rude guests be damned this person is almost always totally fine and generally walks away with stacks of money every shift. You should strive to be this person.