Let me start off by saying being sensitive does not make you weak. Repeat that to yourself over and over. Have it engrained in your mind and don't forget it.

Being sensitive shows that you have a deep care for things and to be stripped away of that only takes away who you are as a person.

I can definitely say that I'm a sensitive person. I get emotional over things and I have a big heart, so obviously things will affect me a little more than usual. I don't like to show my emotions sometimes because I know to show any emotion other than being happy can be perceived as a negative thing, but I think it's a sign of being strong. To show your emotions is a very vulnerable thing and I know it can be uncomfortable to be vulnerable.

One of my friends told me a story about how when she gets mad or frustrated, she cries. That's a completely normal reaction. She said that she was having a bad week at work and that her colleagues were approaching her about a situation in a manner that wasn't very professional and she ended up crying because of the way she was spoken to. Instead of apologizing for their tone and the way they handled it, they criticized her for being an emotional being, saying that they didn't like that she was crying. She can't help it!

I don't think it is fair to berate someone for something that they can't help — a normal human reaction.

Being a sensitive person needs to be more normalized, more talked about, and more accepted. You can't just shut off your emotions like you shut off a light.

Don't be afraid to show who you are. Feel everything you are feeling.

"What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful" — Brenè Brown