This is it: the year that actually matters. But it is also the year where you suddenly turn lazy. All you want to do is sleep, and the motivation is long gone, out the window, off to wherever.

This is the year when the deadlines come quicker, and the work gets harder. Guess what? It's also the year that is the most memorable. It is the year when you realize you really don't want to leave your home away from home.

Senioritis is a condition college students have when they are in their last year or their senior year. I had it in high school; it was super hard trying to get things done. It was so bad, I just wanted to be done.

Senioritis is when you want to be finished. You want May to come, but we never really notice that May actually comes quicker than we think.

Yes, I understand that it's August. But I already moved in and received multiple emails from my professors. It's already killing me, stressing me out, and it didn't even start yet.


It's my second day and I already want to sleep until the weather starts getting warm again in the spring. I don't want to handle all the work repeating. I've already been through three years; I don't want another one.

This senioritis stuff is bad. It can suck the life out of you, but you must never give up on all the hard work you drowned yourself in and swam out of. You can do it again for one more year.

I'm sure hella seniors feel the exact same way I am feeling, so that is why I produced this piece. This is something to read and then laugh about afterward. It's perfect, as the college season is upon us. I'm now in school mode.

I hope you all have a great year, but to all the seniors: I hope you get rid of this senioritis. But even better, I hope it somewhat sticks around so you can enjoy being a student for the last time.