Senior Year.

How odd it feels to be entering the last time I'll be on this campus for an academic purpose. As I watch the freshman participate in orientation activities and walk around campus awed and confused, I can't help to think "It hasn't actually been over 3 years, has it?" I still see myself in them, every time they look around in appreciation at the beautiful campus that has brought me so much joy as well as challenges. If only they knew what was in store for them.

With only a year left, there are a few things I hope for before this chapter of my life comes to a close:

1. I hope I make new friends, even though I'll be gone in a year.

2. I hope to get closer with those I already have, close enough to last long past school.

3. I hope that I find my passion, something that I never get tired of learning about.

4. I hope my teachers are honest with me, so that I can ready myself for the real world.

5. I hope to learn something about myself that the years before has kept hidden.

6. I hope to be challenged in a way that helps me grow.

7. I hope to influence an underclassmen, to help them have a better experience.

8. I hope that I don't forget the difficulties I have faced and use them going forward.

And I hope to always be like the incoming class and remember how lucky I am to be at school that surrounds me every day with inspiring people

Wherever life may take me, my four years will never be far from me. I am so happy with my decision to attend where I did, no where else would've been the same. So, thank you for the past three years and for the life that's ahead of me, thanks to you. I'll never forget you and hopefully I can be added to the long list of alum that has made you proud.