Senior year is supposed to be the big year, right? WRONG. Everything you thought was wrong.

That stress-free senior year you imagined was a joke. Senior year is the most stressful year of them all.

Of course, senior year is not a lot academically compared to junior year. We all know how much junior year sucked.

Still, senior year is when the future starts to get real. Yeah, you took the ACT and SAT in junior year but that seemed surreal. College was still light years away. Nope.

College is up and coming now. You only have one year of homemade meals left before you eat top ramen for every meal for the next four years of your undergraduate.

Speaking of student debt, you better get out that FASFA because there is no way you're surviving college without that. October 1st kids, get it in as soon as you can.

Will you take the safe route and stay in-state at your home college? That's an easy admission and has a lot of in-state scholarship money.

Or will you take the risk? Will you spend the money to apply for that dream school all the way across the country? Will you spend the money to actually go there if you get in? It's an amazing education but is it worth the student debt and isolation?

Oh, look at that. Remember those pesky ACT's and SAT's you took junior year? They're back! Will you retake them and delay your applications for better scores or send in the old but decent scores immediately for priority applicants? Are you any smarter than you were last year after a long summer?

I hope you remembered to put on all the colleges you're applying to on the SAT test day forms so you don't have to pay the $12 per college to send them afterwards. Wouldn't want to have to pay that as well as the basic application fees ranging from $20 to $70, not even knowing if you'll get in.

You'd better go talk to your registrar about sending official transcripts down to colleges now. I hope the four years of sitting through classes you'll never use again did you well, and I hope you did well in them.