Senior year of college is all about enjoying what is left, and planning for what is next. However during this time of life, I have found myself coming to several realizations. Some of these are exciting, but some of them are scary. Regardless, reality starts to set in during your senior year.

In order to make sense of it all, here are some senior realizations as told by the Jersey Shore cast.

1. You no longer have a filter.

When someone makes you mad, you are not going to let them get away with it. You have had three years of self control and silence. Now that you are a senior, certain things are more annoying than usual, and sometimes insults fly out like word vomit.

2. The squad suddenly runs the place.

You started from the bottom of the food chain, and you've worked your way up. When the squad rolls through, everyone knows whats up. You are now the priority of campus! You know how things work, what to expect, and your everyday routine.

3. You have to start navigating your way through adulthood.

Internships, job interviews, and figuring out whats next for you in life. Senior year has you thinking more about adulthood than you have in your whole life. Not to mention the fact that you are going to be 100% financially responsible for yourself (hopefully).

4. You realize your gonna have to pay your loans back.

Speaking of financial independence, loans are definitely part of that. You haven't really had to think about loans, until now. Once senior year is over, those payments are due and reality really sets in that it is all over.

5. Life with your friends everyday is actually over.

Living in community with all of your best friends gives you a sense of comfort. When you need to talk to your squad, you can just run right down the hall and talk to them. Now planning with your friends is going to be more of an effort.

6. You and your friends go harder because its the last time.

This is it! So this it is absolutely imperative that this year be as lit as possible. No matter what that means for you and your friends, make sure you live it up!

Some of these realizations are terrifying, but some of them are absolutely great things to look forward to! So enjoy every moment and live life!