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To The Seniors Who Didn't Cry When The Last Whistle Blew

I'm right there with you.

Megan Aaron

It's the very last game of your college career, maybe you're on the field, maybe you're on the bench. The clock ticks down slowly, but also so quickly. The whistle blows, game over. Season over. But you don't break down in tears. You look around and wonder for a second if maybe something is wrong with you, cause what the heck...the other seniors are crying. But I see you. I'm right there with you. Maybe you had a rough season. Maybe you and your coach didn't get along. Maybe you didn't get the awards or accolades you wanted. Maybe you don't love the game anymore. Or maybe, your identity isn't consumed by the sport.

Maybe you're made up of so much more than the sport and you know that every season has a beginning and an end. So instead of tears, there's just a quiet contemplation. Appreciation for the lessons learned and people met. But there's also a calm knowledge that this life has so much more to offer and that even though this season has ended, the season of your entire life has so many more years ahead of it.

So to the senior that didn't cry when the last whistle blew, don't wonder if it looks bad that you aren't crying. Don't think you're selfish for not crying. Remember WHY you aren't. Take whatever it is the seasons had to give you the lessons and friendships, and apply it to the rest of the seasons in your life and you'll go further than you maybe would have without the sport. Appreciate it but don't cling to it, for there is so much more ahead.

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