10 Semi-Productive Things You Can Do While Procrastinating
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10 Semi-Productive Things You Can Do While Procrastinating

You could clean, quite literally, everything you own.


Can anyone relate to having so much to do that you do nothing? Luckily, there are so many other things you can do while procrastinating. Is it really such a bad thing if you're cleaning, self-caring, or getting personal goals, done? Which of these things is your go-to?

1. Clean, quite literally, everything you own.


Wash your car. Do your laundry. Clean out your closet. Clean your bedding for the first time in a month. Take a shower. It's all productive.

2. Try the new full-face makeup tutorial you've been eyeing...


Technically, you'd be fulfilling your New Year's resolution to learn how to do makeup. This also seems like self-care, so you're getting a two-for.

3. Cook!


If you're on your "healthy lifestyle" kick this week, meal prep! If this is a bad week, then just eat some good food. Cooking takes awhile, at least for me, so it'll de-stress you and preoccupy you.

4. Go through your DVR... or Netflix queue.


It's technically cleaning. Most likely, it's also been on your to-do list. This could also qualify as self-care, to an extent.

5. Pin things you can't have right now.


Pinterest is the perfect black hole. You can look at dog breeds for your future family. Baby clothes, showers, and names, are all on Pinterest. It's also the perfect time to plan your wedding and get your themed rooms together for your future home.

6. Decide to take up a new hobby!


Maybe you're ready to be an avid Sudoku player. What if it's time for you to become a plant parent? Don't you have an art set that your grandma gave you in fifth grade? You could become Bob Ross.

There are so many hobbies you can pick up right now, instead of struggling through whatever you need to get through.

7. Work.


If you can pick up hours at whatever job you work, that's a paid distraction (emphasis on the paid).

8. Make a new playlist...


This is a time consuming option. You'll need to watch music videos, approve or disapprove, then add them to your library and repeat. Personally, this one is a favorite of mine.

9. Go shopping!


Do this only if you have money, obviously. Whether it's online or in-store, shopping is always a great distraction. You truly can lose time while shopping.

10. Go outside.


It's probably been a while since you've spent some quality time outside. Everyone does say that nature is good for you, so why not give it a try? Summer bonfires, lake swimming, and tanning, are perfect summer distractions.

How many of these are you guilty of doing?

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