Show Yourself- The Theme of Everyone's Life
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Show Yourself- The Theme of Everyone's Life

You'll know if you found your true path if you cried during this song

Show Yourself- The Theme of Everyone's Life

Every mom, aunt, babysitter, and almost every Disney fan has already watched Frozen 2 by now, or at least hopefully so! The movie is a sequel to the original Frozen, continuing on with Elsa and Anna's journey into adulthood in the fictional country of Arendalle. In my eyes, the sequel was modernly beautiful, and a secondary stepping stone to the new generation of movies truly focusing on individualistic main characters. But there's one scene that has me in tears, never failing every time- Show Yourself.

Elsa forcibly removes Anna from the journey she needs to venture on alone, leaving Anna a tad bit upset and also giving Olaf a new emotion- anger. However, Anna doesn't realize that no matter how much she wants to be there to protect her sister, sometimes she needs to let go. As Elsa is on her path to Ahtohallan, she realizes the glacier in front of her is her destination, the long awaited answer that holds the bone-chilling singing siren she is desperately after. However, it isn't the actual person who is singing that she is after, it's the realization that she is finding answers about her life that she has been in search of for years.

The song called show yourself starts with a heart settling piano keystrokes, which trigger emotions of many. She says that she is nervous, that she recognizes something the closer she gets, and after throwing ice around while sprinting through the inner workings of the glacier, she comes to the understanding that she is the fifth spirit. She is the "bridge" between magic of nature and magic in humans. Elsa has found her path, and gives those watching that have done the same a very strong oncoming of emotions while following her.

Some internet users have related Show Yourself as a LBGT song, saying that this song could be a representation of "coming out". Another relation could be a deployment homeward bound, as this would be an extremely tear jerking song while manning the rails after a long and tiresome 7 month deployment, looking out at families below counting the minutes until they can hug their sailor. To me, this song impacted me because over the course of my mistakes in my life, I have found my path. From the very beginning of this song, to the last note, I was reminded of everything I have done that has led me to where I am now, living my own dream. I have constantly searched for my own path in this world, and after finding it through many years of trial and error, this song had- and still has me in tears. There are countless people in this world who are trying to find their path, and those who haven't gotten the opportunity yet will not relate to this song the same way those that have will, and that's perfectly okay. Finding our own individual paths is not intended to be an easy adventure, it's supposed to be filled with mistakes. For Elsa, it could have been staying in Arendelle instead of following her inner voice. For others, it could be settling for fears instead of following their own dreams! Most of the time, our "mistakes" will just be an extra reason why we become convinced to follow our dreams. Most mistakes that we make as humans aren't truly mistakes, they lead us to our "path" even if it seems like the worst decision we can make in our lives. As Elsa's whole life led her to this moment, so do ours in real life. Some moments for others consist of walking across the stage, becoming doctors at age 45 after unfulfilling careers that led them back to their original dreams. Some others "show themselves" when they become a speech pathologist and lead their four year old patient from being non-verbal to telling their parents that they love them, and getting to watch the parents hear their child's voice for the first time. For me, mine was leaving the military to become a writer. I found my path in using my life experiences to give others a voice, and watching/listening to Elsa find her own path was a very emotional experience for me, even if she is animated. She is filled with emotions, tears of joy, and a fulfilled heart that every person should- and will, have one day in their lives.

If you follow your dreams, you will show yourself who you are and you will become the person you were born to be. It will be the one day in your life that you will never forget, because you become you. Your name isn't just a title for yourself, it will become a front and back cover of your life. Your name will no longer consist of just letters. You will have a prompt for your life the moment you become who you are, leading to a life that will be motivational for everyone in your life, regardless of whether you realize it or not.

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