7 Self-Care Tips For The Broke College Student Who Needs To Take Some Time For Herself
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7 Self-Care Tips For The Broke College Student Who Needs To Take Some Time For Herself

Because self care isn't supposed to stress you out.

7 Self-Care Tips For The Broke College Student Who Needs To Take Some Time For Herself
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The perks of being a college student are many but to truly survive this life, you need to get really good at helping yourself save money.

When I first came to college, I was naive enough to think that saving money was not gonna be a huge issue for me because I didn't really have to budget in high school but oh boy, was I wrong.

Spending in college is never ending and most times, I feel like I'm on track but as soon as I look at my bank account, I know I'm above budget.

Self care has a harmful connotation that it needs to be expensive items that can bring you joy and love but if you can't afford to spend that, it seems like your options are limited.

Here is a list to take care of yourself without getting stressed out about spending money because self care is different for each person and it doesn't need to be expensive face masks and beauty care all the time.

1. Set realistic goals


A really important part of self-care for me is to stay motivated for all I want to do. I am a very goal-oriented person and being able to take time off to reflect and set goals that will bring me closer to what I want to accomplish is an act of self- care.

2. Exercise


Yes, not going to lie, I am the embodiment of this GIF but that doesn't mean I have given up on trying to go to the gym and make myself feel better and get those endorphins flowing.

3. Take time out for your hobbies


I know it seems like you have no time to do your homework never mind indulge in other hobbies but those hobbies make you happy and that is invaluable. Even if it is 10 minutes per day, you should try to make time for things that give you joy.

4. Wake up and go to bed at the same time everyday


This may be the hardest one yet and I understand how difficult it is. To make this happen (or almost happen, sometimes I just don't do it), I give myself morning work hours or classes on purpose to get me waking up early and sleeping early. Getting up before your alarm because your internal clock has adjusted to your timings is the ultimate self care.

5. Say 'No'


To a person, a meeting, a commitment that you can not make, or even if you can but that would bring undue stress, learn to be able to step out of that situation's emotions and say "I can't." This is an invaluable strength that will get you far in not only your college experience but in the workplace and relationships with people.

6. Practice good hygiene


Taking time to practice good hygiene is something that makes you feel better about yourself automatically and it energizes you to do the things that have been stressing you out in the first place, I promise.

7. Get support from your relationships


It is hard to be able to ask for help and support when you need it but that is a skill that will allow you to flourish.

Hope this helped you realize the importance of prioritizing yourself.

Please take care of yourself!

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