Don't Feel Guilty For Taking Time For Yourself

Don't feel guilty for taking time for yourself.

While obviously, it's not good as well to totally ignore your responsibilities, that doesn't mean that you should ultimately ignore one of the most important things: self-care.

We all know that stress can be a good thing. While it motivates us, makes us more alert, and can help us in dangerous situations, it's also not only awful for you physically but mentally if you are experiencing continuous stressors with no breaks in between. With school starting up, I felt it was important to just remind you to take care of yourself.

Prioritizing is necessary. It not only helps us see what we need to accomplish and get done but prioritizing can help you in the long run towards a night of self-care. By prioritizing your workload that can overall give you that little boost you need towards self-care.

Sometimes we don't realize we are spreading ourselves too thin before we eventually snap. Whether that's the workload we have, the lack of social interaction, or the total oblivion of a proper sleep schedule, it's abundantly clear: we all need to take time for ourselves and that is okay. Don't feel bad about it.

Watch that T.V. show you've been dying to catch up on. Take that quick nap after class. Read that chapter, paint those nails, and run yourself a bath or a hot shower. Taking care of yourself is imperative in order to reach whatever goals or success that you desire. So why do so many people feel bad for taking care of the number one thing: themselves?

In my opinion, people feel bad about taking care of themselves because they feel overwhelmed. People feel as though if they do not get all their work done immediately. Although that can happen, that's why we set ourselves deadlines and prioritize what we need to get done. But while you are prioritizing just remember that you are number one. Your health is so important and we only get one life to live. Give yourself a break, pamper yourself, and remember: DON'T feel bad for taking time for yourself.

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