Finals are over and it's time to just relax and enjoy.

1. Go on a shopping spree

You have to do all that Christmas shopping sooner or later. It's always fun to find the perfect present for your friends and family and while you're at it get yourself something cute too for all those holiday parties coming up.

2. Buy Yourself Some Ice Cream

Ummmm... yes, please! If you're like me and just had the most stressful time of your life during this finals week then ice cream can make it all better. You can even go with your friends and it can be a little celebration for being done with this school for this year.

3. Give yourself a day to just lounge around

Chances are you've been busy all quarter/semester and the days of sleeping in have become rarer and rarer so give yourself a day where you can wake up as late as you want. Maybe watch Netflix movies and have a cozy day.

4. Have a movie night

Imagine this; your cuddled up in blankets and watching movies all night with some hot chocolate on your night stand. I mean come on, can it get any better?

5. Go on a weekend-trip

It's time to spend some time with people and explore new places. So, plan a trip with your family or friends to somewhere new and exciting. Make new memories and unwind from all the stress of the school year.

Have a self-care day

Bubble baths, face masks, and candles. Yes, yes, and yes. It's relaxing and is the perfect #treatyoself moment.

Go to a coffee shop and read a book

I feel like winter just calls for those cozy vibes. So order your favorite drink, go to a cute cafe, and enjoy the quiet and relaxing atmosphere.