Don't forget to take care of yourself

It happens so often where we focus on the busy world around us. Whether it's work, school, or family we strive for perfection, so why not show our body the same attention and care. Self-care is imperative to good physical and emotional health. Try to fit in one of these a day and I promise you'll notice a difference in your life.

1. Turn off your phone

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Your texts will be there when it turns back on, don't worry.

2. Take a nap

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They busier you get, the less sleep it seems you get. Take a little nap to ease some stress.

3. Take a long, relaxing bath

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Girl, go get yourself a bath bomb and some candles.

4. Declutter your space

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Grab a trash bag and go to town!

5. Go for a long walk

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Look around and take it all in.

6. Treat yourself

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The calories are worth it, get the donut.

7. Buy yourself flowers

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Buy your favorite flowers to use as a reminder that the simplest things are beautiful.

8. Wake up early

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Mornings are the best time to have quiet time, sip your coffee, and enjoy to the silence.

9. Plan a night in

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Bottle of wine, takeout, and One Tree Hill all night long.

10. Write in a journal

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Write down everything that is taking up space in your brain.

11. Try Yoga

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Yoga is a great way to get in tune with your body and relax.

12. Read a new book

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Get lost in a book and you'll escape for hours at a time.

13. Learn a new skill

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knitting, painting, photography, cooking, etc.

14. Wear your pajamas all day

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Are pants REALLY necessary? No, no they aren't.

15. Pray

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The power of prayer is glorious, just talking about the stressful things in your life can give you a feeling of relief.

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