Selecting The Best Yet Economical Salon Equipment - Barber Chairs, Hairdressing Basins, Beauty Beds
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Selecting The Best Yet Economical Salon Equipment - Barber Chairs, Hairdressing Basins, Beauty Beds

Whenever a client walks into your salon, the first glimpse they capture into their minds is the well organised barber chairs, facing the giant wall-mounted mirrors, hairdressing basins with all the varieties of hair care products in the side racks, and the beauty beds covered with white towels along with the staff, waiting for their arrival. This imbibes a feel-good vibe in them from the very beginning of their visit.

Selecting The Best Yet Economical Salon Equipment - Barber Chairs, Hairdressing Basins, Beauty Beds
Photo by Greg Trowman on Unsplash

Whether you have a compact salon or one with a very large carpet area, the selection of the correct salon equipment that goes well with the aesthetics of the salon is the most important task. But, the selection of salon equipment that suits your budget without compromising the quality, style, and comfort is a pretty challenging task.

Here are a few tips that can be followed while selecting salon equipment that suits your salon.

A comfy barber chair

The barber chairs are basic yet most important equipment that makes your client feel comfortable. Most people visit a salon for regular services. A barber chair with well-cushioned upholstery, extended footrest, armrests, and the adjustable and removable headrest is simply the least you can offer to them.

For premium quality services, you may prefer a salon chair with a heavy base with a reclining feature and memory foam to add the extra bit of comfort that can make even Kim Kardashian go dizzy during a glam session!

Hairdressing an art!

Hair treatments are the most vital services that can be mastered with the best hairdressing equipment. A wash basin fitted with a hand shower and a transparent cover to prevent water splashing is the most generic hairdressing basins design. Selection of the best quality consumables like shampoos, hair conditioners, dyes, and other hair care products adds an edge to the hairdressing segment.

Premium quality treatments may also demand the use of portable hair dryers, hair steamers, colour accelerators, and massaging equipment. This will ensure minimum storage space with maximum customer satisfaction.

A bed that makes you beautiful

If your salon specializes in services like facial, body massage, and application of the medical procedure to your clients, then beauty beds are a must. Available in both portable and fixed versions, the beauty beds are generally completely adjustable to allow you to recline during facial or pimple removal sessions or may be set as a platform, allowing you to lie down for a full body massage.

The portable beauty beds are essential for mobile beauticians and oral care experts who provide professional-level services at your home.

Care for the kids

Kids are really tough to handle and require a lot of energy for even a simple haircut. Their comfort is one of the challenging aspects of any salon. Hair cutting clothes with cartoon figures is a necessary item in the bucket list for the salons handling kids.

Besides, these adorable packets of mischief's have to be seated on extension or booster seats which need to be super comfortable for a smooth and tantrum-free haircut. A comb with animal figurines or a large mirror to keep the kids engaged while aiding the hairdresser to carry out their task effectively.

Salon trolleys, work stations, and accessories

When you handle a lot of clients in your salon, you need a lot of products like shaving cream, shampoos, talcum powder, scissors, razors, towels, napkins, and other necessities. Now, to arrange all these things within your hands' reach, you either have to make racks against each individual chair, or you may use a trolley. Salon trolleys are very cheap yet durable, mostly made of plastics with multiple drawers. They are available in different shapes and sizes according to your requirements.

Often there are customers who require a little privacy while receiving the salon services. For them, a salon workstation is the best match. Fitted with its very own mirror and equipment racks, the salon workstation can also serve a wonderful purpose for the barbershops with tight space constraints.

Engaging waiting lounges

The more professional and aesthetic your salon is, the more the number of customers visiting it. But, all your staff is busy with the previous clients and the new customers have to wait for some time. This can get really boring unless you have a beautiful set of waiting lounges. These lounges must be comfortable and spacious so that your client may not get enraged while waiting.

Additionally, a magazine space or footrest in the waiting lounge may allow your client to spend this boring time gazing through the interesting magazine pages, updating themselves with a newspaper, or simply recharge themselves with a power nap.

Essentially, these are the important areas that must be considered while selecting salon furniture and accessories. You may order all your essential equipment salon online or may visit a local vendor, whichever option is more budget-friendly yet offers you comfortable and good quality products. Make your salon a place of self-admiration for your clients and stress-relieving adobe from their routine life!

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