Summer is here. My college friends, who are undoubtedly my best friends and my people, are not.

I just spent nine months eating every meal, studying with, waking up and going to sleep next to these people. Now, I come home for the summer, and this everyday occurrence is nothing but a memory. Now, yes, there are FaceTimes and texts, but time change and different work schedules deter constant contact with these best friends and give a new meaning to long-distance relationships. After about three weeks of being home, long distance truly got the best of us, and we all began to need our best friends, so we decided to plan a mini vacation together.

We planned meeting up at one of our houses in Florida for the Fourth of July week. The anticipation was almost deadly leading up to the week that I would finally get to see my people. I had so much to tell them and so many stories to share. I was afraid that I would forget some of the things I wanted to tell them, so while I waited in the airport for eight hours after a delayed flight, I made a list. They had to know all of my work gossip, my embarrassing moments, and my relationship status.

When I arrived, nothing but pure exhilaration filled my soul. We jumped, screamed, and hugged as any typical girls would do. Then, before I noticed, I was at the airport, crying and hugging my friends goodbye. The five days were quickly over, and I was on a plane back home, reminiscing about my time spent there.

On the plane, I went to look at pictures of us all and realized there weren't any. I then went to look at my Snapchat memories and realized there weren't any of those either. I thought maybe my phone was not working on the plane, and nothing was loading, but then it crossed my mind - we actually did not take any pictures and we actually were not on our phones at all.

For the days we were together, we sat side by side truly just enjoying each other's company.

The things I did every day, like watch TV, seemed so much more enjoyable now that we were together. While we were there, we had the opportunity to do a plethora of different things, such as going to the beach, going out, shopping, and more, but instead, we wound up staying at the house. Even though the opportunity was there, we stayed at home. We did this because we wanted to be able to simply talk in a quiet environment by ourselves, where we can say and do as we please. Because of this, we were able to hop in and out and truly be ourselves. My friends understand my thoughts, and at moments when we were tired and silent, there were still. We laughed and talked from the moment we awoke until the moment we went to sleep.

The list I made of the moments and memories I had at home did not go to use. For five days, there was no time to reflect on the past. Everything that I wanted to share with them, they already knew. This trip made me realize that our friendships were built on being able to be ourselves and be carefree at the moment.

We did not need Instagram or Snapchat to show that we were having fun, but only needed each other.