The most magical place on Earth has that reputation for a reason! They emerge all guests into a whole new world with limitless magic. But like every magician, Disney doesn't reveal the secrets behind the magic. Here are 7 secrets of Disney revealed!

1. They pump scents into the parks!

It seems to make sense that Main Street always smells like sweets, but most just assume its all natural. Well, as part of that is right, Imagineers designed a product that pumps specific scents all throughout the parks! Next time you're walking down Main Street or through Frontier Land, just think that it's probably not the cookies or the rides filling your nostrils, but the smellitizer machines!

2. There are underground tunnels in Magic Kingdom.

When Walt Disney first created Disney, he got upset when he saw a cowboy walking through Tomorrowland. He didn't want characters in the lands they weren't meant for so they designed underground tunnels for the characters and employees to travel through without being seen.

3. There are no bathrooms in Liberty Square.

If you really have to pee, Liberty Square is not the place! Imagineers wanted to make the land as authentic as possible and there were no ceramic toilets or running water back in the day! You'll have to go to Fantasyland for that one!

4. The lion rock is air conditioned.

Ever wonder why every time you go on Kilimanjaro Safaris the lions are always on that one rock? Employees treat the animals very well and ensure they are comfortable while still being able to be on display. Thus, on hot days, the lions will stay on the air conditioned rock to cool down while everyone gets a fantastic view.

5. Dinosaur! used to be a different ride. 

Dinosaur! in Animal Kingdom actually used to be Countdown to Extinction, but the ride's soundtrack and motion was too scary for Disney, so they had to tone it down to what is now Dinosaur!

6. The flags on Main Street are fake.

As a nice gesture to our veterans, Disney has numerous American flags flying in the air. However, each one is missing stripes or stars. As a result, they are not real American flags, rather just for show.

7. Pirates of the Caribbean has real bones.

In Disneyland, Walt Disney used real bones to decorate the ride. It is rumored that the bones were taking out eventually and replaced with fake ones, but employees still insist that the bones are real.