The Secret To Productivity I Wish I Knew When I Came To College

The Secret To Productivity I Wish I Knew When I Came To College

Keep yourself busy.


“If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.” A common enough saying. I personally have heard it from my father more times than I’d like. Nevertheless, his stolen wisdom has rung through my ears for years and finally made sense after my first year of college.

In high school, I was constantly busy with three extracurriculars, a schedule filled with APs, a boyfriend, and some amazing best friends. I felt I barely had a moment to think. All of a sudden, thrust into college life, I was faced with excessive amounts of free time.

Granted, when making my first schedule of my college career, I figured making each day of class start at twelve and end at one would give me ample time to do my homework. I soon came to find this was not the case.

As all great procrastinators know, the phrase “I have plenty of time to do it later,” only leads to more stress. “Later” signifies the absolute last possible moment you have before it’s too late.

The fact of the matter is, the knowledge of having so much time to do something is actually disadvantageous. You sit there, knowing you have time and getting sidetracked all the while.

On the contrary, when you don't have enough time, the time you do have becomes much more precious. By having smaller amounts of time, you become exceptionally better at time management.

Unlike my first quarter of college, this quarter I’ve been exceptionally busy. Between taking more difficult courses, having longer days, working eight-hour shifts, being in a sorority, helping my sister with college apps, trying to stay healthy, and still attempting to maintain a shred of a social life, I, like in high school, have not had free time.

But, instead of sleeping my days away, or spending them binge-watching Jane the Virgin, I’m incredibly more productive. I make a to-do list at the beginning of each week and slowly but surely check off each task. I work harder and my GPA is on the rise. I rarely procrastinate because I know I may not have time to do it later.

Not to mention, I feel more accomplished as this productive person.

Being busy is great. It’s a win-win, where you do more, and succeed in what you do. Of course, there’s the potential to be too busy. I’ve definitely been there, but it’s better than being bored, right? You gain the skills to manage your time wisely, and the free time you do have feels that much more fulfilling.

So next time, take that challenging class, pick up the extra shift at work, and always take the time to treat yourself.

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