Being a teacher is a hard but rewarding job, being an education student.. that's just hard.

What is syllabus week? lol

Syllabus week doesn't exist for any education major, so we are not the only people suffering

Lesson plans. So many lesson plans.

Lessons used to be so fun but now they're forty pages long and have to meet Common Core and State Standards and you have to make one every single week.

Don't forget all the additional classes you need to take for certification!

I love history but why do I need to take economics? I refuse to teach economics.

Waking up at 5am will never be okay.

You think 8am classes are hard to wake up for? Get ready to wake up at 5am to observe or student teach, say goodbye to ever sleeping in again.

Oh you wanted to have a social life?

Sorry I can't hang out, I have to write a lesson plan, create an essay prompt, write an example of that essay, build a rocket ship and make it to the moon by midnight.

Taking a full course load but still being behind in requirements.

There are not enough classes in a full course load to not be behind in general education credits and your major.

Graduating with debt and not getting a job right away.

It's okay, maybe they'll call, or they won't. Is Domino's hiring?

But it's all worth it in the end!

You will get a job and your students will love you because you've worked way too hard for them to hate you (maybe)!