Seattle Seahawk Free Agency Primer
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Seattle Seahawk Free Agency Primer

Free agent fits for Seattle's two neediest positions.

Seattle Seahawk Free Agency Primer

With the National Football League’s free agency a few weeks away (March 15), now is a good time to look at the Seahawks' two biggest needs on their roster and find potential match fits for those needs.

Offensive Line:

Seattle’s offensive line this year was downright, well, offensive. With star-caliber players in the backfield, such as Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, and Thomas Rawls, the O-line did them no favors with their inability to regularly pass block or open up running lanes. All you need to do is watch the first half of Seattle’s divisional round loss to the Carolina Panthers to see the worst-case scenario. With Seattle’s starting offensive line averaging a 52nd placing among their position groupings, by PFF, it could use upgrades at three of the major five positions.

The two guard spots (left guard and right Guard) are the ones that should stay the same. This was Justin Britt’s first season at guard and he should get another season to adjust to the position. The other guard, J.R. Sweezy, is an impending free agent, but has played nearly every game the last three seasons and should be resigned based on that reliability.

Center was a big problem spot this season, and if Seattle isn’t planning on targeting the position in the draft then there are a couple free agent fits. Manny Ramirez of the Detroit Lions and Stefen Wisniewski of the Jacksonville Jaguars are both starting-caliber centers that could be had for a mid-level contract, who both earned strong pass protecting grades from Pro Football Focus. Investing in one of these players would be wise to protect the investment that Seattle made in Russell Wilson.

The third position along the line that needs addressing is offensive tackle. Garry Gilliam started all 16 games this season at right tackle, but was promptly rated as one of the worst at his position. Finding an experienced veteran such as 21st-ranked Joe Barksdale would do wonders in improvement at the position. The left tackle position is the one that should primarily worry the Seahawks though, as Russell Okung is a free agent after this season.

If Seattle fails to resign him and doesn’t look at the position during the draft, the free agent market provides some intriguing options for cheap. One such name is Donald Penn was the 11th highest ranked tackle according to PFF, and based on his age, 32, Penn might jump at the chance to play for a Super Bowl contender.

Defensive Tackle:

Seattle’s defensive tackle position was not as much of a problem as the O-line, as the position helped the defense achieve the number-one ranked run defense in the NFL. But both starters, Brandon Mebane and Ahtyba Rubin, are free agents this year and if Seattle chooses to only resign one or neither, they’ll need to add bodies to the position.

Ian Williams is a space-eating nose tackle from the 49ers that would add some much needed youth to the interior of the line after settling for older, veteran options the past couple of offseasons. Another option that could also add some pass rushing ability is Nick Fairly. The high first-round draft pick for the Detroit Lions was a very up-and-down player, but a change of scenery allowed him to rebuild his stock in St. Louis. His ability to collapse the pocket could be invaluable to taking Seattle’s pass rush to another level.

Given Seattle’s cap space and propensity on taking flyers on older or less well-known players, I tried to match some of these types of players who showed the most potential to contribute. While Seattle might look at some of these players, it is not a given they pick any of them up, instead possibly preferring someone on their own roster or look for replacements in the draft. Still, it is always fun to link free agents with teams they would most likely fit.

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