It is that time of year once again — the dreaded allergy season. Green pollen has collected on virtually every surface in an attempt to suffocate those who suffer from allergies.

You wonder to yourself whether or not you are getting a bad case of strep throat or just forgot to take your allergy medicine this morning. But, you don't have to be miserable this allergy season. Here are a few helpful reminders from one seasonal allergy sufferer to another to help you suffer the least amount possible as you enter finals week.

Take your allergy medicine! I cannot emphasize this enough! Set a reminder on your phone so you do not forget. Write it in your calendar. Whatever you need to do to remember, do it. The biggest thing you can do to help yourself is to prevent your symptoms before they pop up.

Go buy some tea, honey, and lemon! You will thank me later. When your throat feels like you are swallowing nails every time you try to eat something, this will help. The tea with lemon and honey will soothe your throat, making the whole spring season slightly less miserable.

Get some tissues now. Stop using your paper towels to wipe your nose. It will make it raw, and you will be in even more pain. Invest in some tissues and your nose will thank you.

Take a hot shower every day when you get home. This should be a pretty basic concept, but if you are out all day walking around in the pollen, do not get into your bed without showering. You will set yourself up for worse allergies. Also, the hot water and steam will help take some of the sinus pressure away.

So, get started early! Manage your allergies now, and you will thank yourself later. Good luck to everyone out there this allergy season.