Coming from the sunshine country of the Philippines, I dread the winter season. I used to have the equator as my neighbor, what do you expect? I went from living in an environment with a 100-degree Fahrenheit temperature on a regular day to freezing in below negative. Just picture this: you bring a camel to Chicago in January. That's it. The end.

Kidding aside, here I am wishful thinking — looking forward to the day wherein the cold is something I get accustomed to.

The day wherein I check the weather app as soon as I wake up in the morning and not immediately sigh in disbelief.

The day wherein I would actually enjoy playing snowball fights and making snow angels like a four-year-old.

The day wherein I go outside and just live in the moment as the snowflakes try to plant a kiss in my cheek.

The day wherein the cold finally becomes manageable.

The day wherein all these would come true.

On the other hand, although I have this love-hate relationship (since it's beautiful to look at but unpleasing to feel) with winter, I guess I still like it better this way. It would mean that the temperature is in its "normal" state — unlike recent events with irregular (yet consistent) rise and fall of temperatures. There have been so many unusual, record-breaking weather phenomena happening. Don't even get me started about the reason behind all of these — the ozone layer depletion. The effects are very evident, especially in the recent California wildfires and snowfall in Chicago in the middle of spring. Global warming is just an inescapable fact — more so a reality that should immediately wake us up. We'd be foolish to think that this is simply a phase or that it'll get better in the near future.