It's October, and the "Riverdale" fans know that this means a new season is coming!! The first two seasons were FILLED with drama and betrayal, so what will season 3 bring? Hopefully, these 13 things because we just have to know!!!


So, Hiram Lodge decided to have Archie arrested on a murder charge, so did he get out? What's going to happen with these charges?

2. Will Hiram really take down his daughter?

Obviously, I wouldn't put it past him because he's an AWFUL person, but I mean, wouldn't you think he would have some sort of heart to draw the line at going after his daughter?

3. Is this really the last we've seen of Hal (AKA The Black Hood)?

Because somehow the villains always seem to squirm their way back into everyone's lives.

4. What is Jughead's next move as the new leader of the Serpents?

He's basically been their leader the whole time, but still. We need to know the next move.

5. How is Cheryl going to fit in with the Serpents?

Because lets be real, none of us saw this coming.

6. Will Hermione continue to support Hiram and his evil plans?

At the end, she gave Veronica advice on how to stop her maybe she's starting to realize she needs to stay far away from Hiram.

7. Does she know that Hiram's end plan is to sell drugs through this prison he wants?

She pushed Veronica all season to just accept her father's plan and for awhile they all wanted this to happen, but did Hiram keep Hermione and Veronica in the dark about the drug dealing plans he has?

8. How will the Coopers cope with the trauma that was Hal Cooper?

I was just as shocked as the Cooper girls to find out Hal was behind the horror going on in Riverdale so how will this perfect family move forward?

9. Why are Jughead's mother and sister coming back to town?

According to a recent article, Jughead's mother and sister have been cast. In earlier episodes, FP mentioned the rest of the Jones family, but he acted as if they wouldn't be coming back until he had gotten his life together. Has he finally done this or is their arrival for something different?

10. Sheriff Keller coming back or...?

Everyone acted like it was Sheriff Keller's fault the Black Hood ws running rampant, but he did everything he could. The new sheriff wasn't even the one who caught him, it was Betty. So lets just bring back Sheriff Keller and get rid of this new, crazy one.

11. Can the gang successfully take down Hiram?

Please, for the love of all that is good, LET THIS ANSWER BE YES. HIRAM HAS TO GO!

12. How is Veronica going to deal with this whole no money thing?

It's such a huge change, but thank goodness she finally saw what kind of person her father really is and cut all ties with him!


Whether Alice wants to admit it or not, there has been chemistry here since episode one. With Hal out of the picture, would Alice go for FP? Also, what will Jughead's mother's arrival do the this strange relationship?