Going back to school at a later age could save you time and money. If you have found yourself in the predicament where you are you unhappy with your current career or financial situation, then you’ve probably already started looking for a new job. Problem: Most jobs now required that you have a degree or either some formal education in the field.

If you didn't go to college right out of high school it's okay. Many high school graduates feel obligated and even pressured to enroll in college because it’s always been our natural progression. You're told to graduate high school, go to college and then get a job. If you came out of high school completely passionate about what you want to do for the rest of your life, chances are you will enroll stick with it and move forward. Unfortunately, that’s not most students.

Studies show 57.9% of young people, 20yrs of age or younger, enrolling in college right out of high school don’t finish their program. However, 14.7% eventually go back and finish somewhere else and possibly in a different field. This costs money because the new school may not accept all of your eligible credits. Also, if you decided to take a different career path, then you may have classes that you have successfully completed that will not count toward your new degree plan.

When you make the decision to further your education at a later age it is usually due to a lingering desire to have a career and not just a job, to advance your career or to change career paths. Either way, no one is pressuring you to go back, you are simply going because you are choosing to go. When it is your decision you usually have some sort of a plan in mind and will work diligently toward the goals of said plan. The key is to stick to the plan. So, what’s the plan?

Choose wisely – Some people know they want or need to go back to school, but for some, they are not completely sure of what to go back for. If you know in your heart what you want to switch to and do not mind working your way back up the latter then go for it. My advice is to choose a career that will allow you to maximize your potential, by making use of your current skills. If you have 4 years of experience in H.R. but now cannot find a job because you have no degree then an HR program would be an excellent choice. Your resume will thank you. There is nothing like completing a degree with experience in the field already. Employers love it.

Make the time: Time management will be key to your success when you go back to school. Sure, you may have to give up watching your favorite show or sacrifice a few weekend social functions for a year or two. But it is a temporary inconvenience. School is not forever and in the end, you will be glad you made the sacrifice.

See it through: Not a whole lot of people like school. We all just want what comes in the end. An opportunity to be considered for the position you desire because you are now qualified. Keep your goals in the forefront of your mind so that you stay cognizant of why you started in the first place.

Seek out resources – It’s so easy to give in or give up when things get tough especially if you don’t have access to necessary resources. Many of your homework assignments, you will find, are easy to complete once you know the how’s and why’s behind the assignment. The biggest challenge of any assignment is the research and learning process. Once you have acquired the knowledge necessary, completing the assignment becomes easy. I recommend joining groups on the school’s social sites or other social media. Groups of people that are of like minds and have similar goals can be a wealth of knowledge and know how, so use them accordingly.

Whether your reason is for more money, career change, advancement or all of the above; it’s never too late to go back to school. Your future depends on the actions you take in the present. So, make it count.