I was always that one girl who someone placed into the more advanced classes all throughout my time in middle school and high school. I knew what I was doing most of the time in these classes, but I was not the one who got straight As like a majority of my fellow classmates. I honestly never would have thought that I would ever be attending a four year university let alone be on the dean’s list for two semesters so far.

My college journey began the second semester of my junior year of high school. I had a project where I had to research three universities of my choice that I would most likely me applying to at the beginning of my senior year. I chose three schools in California since I had no intentions of ever moving out of the state I grew up in for eighteen years of my life. One of my biggest requirements I had for the schools I researched was that the campus had to have a small student population. I personally did not think that a big school of 50,000 students would be the right fit for my personality. Also, since I come from a small town, I did not want to overwhelm myself too much by attending a university in a new city with a large student population. I used various sites to look up different campuses throughout California. Keep in mind that this was my first time ever actually taking the time to research different campuses as well as majors that I could possibly be pursuing in the future. Throughout this whole project, I felt intimidated by all this information about campuses and majors because it was completely new to me. A part of me wanted to hold onto being a kid again and ignore the fact that I had to soon face college applications and SAT along with ACT tests.

Close to the end of my research project, I found this school called Woodbury University. The school looked pretty small by the pictures of the campus and they were one of the few schools that I researched that had a program just for business marketing. The more pictures and articles I read about Woodbury, the more I wanted to visit the campus in person. Once it came time to present my project to my teacher, I said that my top choice would be Woodbury University.

Fast forward to the beginning of senior year, I finally had the chance to visit the campus in person. My dad and I drove about four hours from my town to the campus early in the morning in order to arrive on time for my scheduled campus tour. I fell even more in love with the small school that is in the midst of the city in the outskirts of Los Angeles. By February, a few days before my 18th birthday, I received my acceptance letter to the school that had not left my mind since I found out about its existence.

I am going to be entering into my third year as a Woodbury University Marketing student very soon and I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for a girl who did not even think she would pursue the life of a university student.