10 Reasons why Schmidt is My Spirit Animal
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10 Times Schmidt Was My Absolute Favorite

"I can't find my driving moccasins anywhere!"


Somewhere in California, four wacky friends lived together in a loft and experienced the perils and joys of life together. Throughout the seven seasons of "New Girl," Schmidt has become one of my favorite characters. While he started out as kind of a "douchebag" he grew into a wonderful father and friend. While I could list reasons why I feel connected to Schmidt "ALL DAY," I decided to compile it down to my top ten.


Schmidt can drop truth bombs without ever turning into the ultimate pessimist.

2. I HATE Spiders

These creepy crawlers have haunted my dreams ever since I heard that statistic about humans eating spiders in their sleep. I know it is not true but the thought is implanted and it will never leave.

3. The Blanket Burrito

The Blanket Burrito is one of my favorite ways to snuggle up in a blanket. It's the only way I can fall asleep on long bus rides. Also, this statement is one I feel like shouting all the time. I don't know if I am just super prone to suggestion or my body is on the verge of breaking down at all times but I just want the pain and the sickness to go away and for my body to just work correctly. Honestly, if I wasn't allergic to raw fruit it would fix all of my problems.

4. Sagittarius...Represent!

Independent, loves to travel, clumsy, puts their career first...yep sounds like a Sagittarius!

5. I just can't do it

I have to pee, like, all the time. This becomes a big problem when I go to the beach. Usually, the bathrooms are located incredibly far away from the ocean. When I was little, I remember my parents would always tell me to pee in the ocean whenever I had to go — this way always my reaction.

6. I'm always cold

As a girl with the inability to ever be warm indoors unless it is boiling outside, I make sure to never go anywhere without a cardigan, sweater, or jacket. If I don't bring anything with me, I immediately regret it.


I mean who doesn't love pizza? This classic slice of heaven always hits the spot for me. Schmidt tries to stay away to keep his healthy physique, but in the end, he knows he will cave.

8. I am an old woman 

I am thoroughly convinced that I have the soul of an old woman trapped inside of me. Music is always too loud, I never truly understand new lingo, I am constantly saying things like "I saw it on the Youtube," and I'm pretty sure I have premature arthritis.

9. I cry at the weirdest times

Many times I am able to hold back my tears because I am a strong, independent hustler, but then, there are times when I'm really tired and someone will say the littlest thing and there I go. On the other hand, I am a huge proponent of everyone's emotions being valid. You do not get to chose whether or not you hurt someone, or whether or not someone is being a little too dramatic about a situation.


Color coding makes me feel very satisfied and happy. For every class, I have a folder and a notebook of the same color. My closet is organized by color and my phone apps are as well. I can't control much in this life, but if I can color code something, consider me pleased.

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