Why I Am Scared But Also Excited To Be A Senior In College

When you come into college, you think it will be forever until your senior year comes around. News flash: it goes by a lot quicker than you think. It feels like just yesterday I was moving into my dorm room and meeting all the other excited college freshman ready to experience what will become the best years of your life. What do you do when these years seem to be quickly coming to the end and you only have one year left until you have to live in the real world and become a full adult.

The thought of graduating absolutely terrifies me because it is the feeling of the unknown. I don't know quite yet where I'll be living or what my career may be, but then I think about it and this is the feeling that I had before coming into college. Before I started school I was terrified, and it is the exact same feeling I have towards moving into my senior year and graduating. This is why I have decided to stop worrying about what may come and to fully live in the moment. I am going to make the next year and a half of my life completely living it to the fullest and experiencing everything that I can with my college friends before college ends and I have to move on to the real world. I have also realized it is okay to be anxious about the future because you do never know what it will bring.

In my senior year, I am planning on opening up to all the things around campus that I haven't yet and being open to new experiences. In my past two years, I have stuck to what I knew and I have been wanting to grow more, and I have slowly started to do that this year in my junior year. I have found things I am passionate about and really got to experience more when I stepped out of my comfort zone.

So by saying this, I have a message to everyone just starting out in college, go out and try new things. It might sound cliché, but honestly try to experience the most you can in these short four years because this may be the only time that you have to experience it.

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