If you are a college student, then by this point you should be in school again. I start my classes soon and I am definitely not ready for this new semester. Last semester, I had so much confidence in my classes and knowing that they were going to be okay and doable, but now I'm talking chemistry. I don't know why I'm so scared of Chemistry. I have taken three levels, soon to be five levels of Biology and I wasn't scared at all for those classes, so what's the deal with Chemistry?

I think it has to do with a bad experience with it first semester of college. A piece of advice? Don't take Chemistry the first semester freshmen year at 8 a.m. It's just a bad idea from the beginning. That first semester was all a mess. I had a crazy roommate and lots of friend drama, it was just all bad. I don't know what happened? I studied like I was supposed to and did all the work and still got a low grade. This is the reason I'm not a Chemistry major.

My mom sent me this picture that I think every person (in college or high school) starting their second semester can relate to.

Starting your second semester of classes can be intimidating because you've just finished a semester of classes with people you became friends with and with teachers you were no longer afraid of. Now you get to start all over again. It's a great joy to have to start almost completely over and try to not get lost on the first day of classes and survive.You get to awkwardly make friends in your new classes and hope that they know more of what's going on then you do.

Maybe it's just me, but when I start a new semester, I believe for some reason that it's going to be different from last semester. Like this is the time when the new Karlie comes. I say to myself that I'm going to do different things than last semester and that this is a clean slate. In a way it is a way to reinvent yourself, but you're not actually changing anything, you're just thinking you are.

If I'm going to be honest, I think that second semester classes are far more difficult than first semester. During second semester, you see that if you can just get through these classes, you get to be in summer again and not do any school. There's also warmer weather and I swear that after Christmas break every year, no one wants to do anything involving school. Even though we all know that we have to do it and go to class and do homework, honestly no one cares.

A weird thing about second semester is the excitement is gone. When first semester comes around, everyone is so excited to start a new year and there are parties and so many activities and things to do. This doesn't happen when second semester starts. Everyone is tired and just wants this year to be over with. You know what else is difficult during second semester? Making friends. During first semester and freshmen year, everyone is desperate to make friends with everyone. After Christmas, everyone basically has their friend group and it's super difficult to be included.

I know that the semester has just started and maybe yours is off to a rocky start or a smooth start. Whichever describes how yours is going doesn't mean it will end that way. Who knows what we could end the semester with? You could end up in a new relationship or yours could end. You could make some new friends or lose some friends. The second semester is meant for second chances and is a way to try and invent yourself to be the best you can be.