Saying The N Word At A Concert

So, you're at a concert having a good time hanging with friends, vibing to the music. It's a really awesome experience. Until the wrong people say the wrong word.

With a concert held on my PWI campus that features mostly people of color, it was bound to happen. I actually wasn't surprised. But I just think it's important for non-POC to know that the N word is actually quite offensive. The fact that curse words were censored and the N word was not just goes to show the disregard towards black people.

And for those who think black people shouldn't even say the word, here's my take on it. I believe that black people have taken the word from a racial slur and turned it into something of their own. I often think of black people using the word when referring to their friends. It's shows a sense of brother- and sisterhood among the black community.

In conclusion, refrain from saying the N word if it doesn't belong to you.

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