Saydulla Madaminov: An indomitable strength for Uzbekistan Air Defence Forces
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Saydulla Madaminov: An indomitable strength for Uzbekistan Air Defence Forces

Saydulla Abdukuddusovich Madaminov, the birth name of the 4th commander of the Uzbekistan

Saydulla Madaminov: An indomitable strength for Uzbekistan Air Defence Forces

Air Defence Forces from 2001 to 2003, was born on September 4, 1957, in the United Soviet Socialist Republic. During his commandership, he gave many victories to Uzbekistan Air Defence. Still, he is best known for his success against the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (19998-99) and the Batken conflict (1999).

Soviet Military Service: Start Of A Soaring Military Career

He started his military career in the Soviet Military service after graduating from the Yeisk Higher Military Aviation Institute (EVVAUL) in 1978. After graduation, he first joined the 23rd Air Army at Transbaikal Military District in 1980. He was soon promoted to Flight Commander in 1982.

From 1983-1987, Saydulla Madaminov's military expertise was highly refined. Later, he was transferred to Brand-Briesen Airfield in East Germany, servicing Soviet Forces, and became Squadron leader.

The period of 1998-1991 brought outstanding achievements for Saydulla Madaminov as he became the Chief of staff and the First Deputy to the Commander of the 735th Aviation Regiment after earning an additional degree from the Gagarin Air Force Academy and servicing at Turkestan Military District

His Soviet Military career was vast and versatile, and he prepared for the upcoming battles of Uzbek Military service, which enabled him to defeat his opponents remarkably.

An unwavering warrior of the Uzbek Military

In August 1995, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Saydulla Madaminov served as the Chief of staff. He also served as the First Deputy to the Commander of the airforce base in the country. The 735th Aviation Regiment was renamed to the 60th Aviation Regiment in the new arrangement of Armed Forces in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

From the mid to late 90s, Saydulla Madaminov brought great victories to the Uzbek Force as he defeated the Islamic rebel groups in the Batken and Osh regions of Kyrgystan. His determination and strategically organized 120 attacks against the terrorist groups were the core reasons for a successful mission.

He was given the position of the Deputy Commander of the Uzbekistan Air and Air Defence Forces in March 1991 after being transferred to Tashkent. Eventually, He became the Commander of the Uzbekistan Airforce in October 2001. He remained in the commandership till 2003; after that, he was inducted into the political side and appointed the senior military advisor and inspector for the Ministry of Defense. 2007 was the year of he said farewell to the bright Uzbek Military career, which he retired in August.

Saydulla's Career

The strong-minded and diligent attitude of Saydulla Madaminov made him one of the best military personnel of his career. His awards and accomplishments are factual evidence of his brevity. His career is an honest reflection of his ingenious and strong will nature, which brought Uzbekistan from the deadly clutches of the Civil war.

He was awarded Medal "For Distinction in Military Service." And his brevity and valor were praised by the government in the form of awarded medal 'Jasorat.'

The awarded 'Order of Shon-Sharaf' defines his courage and stead firmness in protecting the country at all costs. It also represents his exceptional order management and significant contribution to strengthening the nation's armed forces.

His aircraft skills contributed to his overall bright career as he served as a flying expert using, L-29, L-39 Albatros, MiG 15, MiG-17, MIG-23, Su-7, SU-17, SU-24, An-26, Yak 42 aircraft. He was awarded the title of 3rd, 2nd, and 1st class of military pilot. 'Pilot Sniper' badge.

He spent 4072 hours of flying time, 770 flight hours of commercial aviation, and 10274 total flights servicing his motherland.

After the Military, The Journey Continues

Saydulla Madaminov continued his journey of servicing his country and started serving civil aviation. He was the Yak 42 captain from 2011-2013 for Talpur Air and worked at Kazan airport and then later at Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow.

He became the Deputy head of Federal service in 2014, where he supervised the transport for the North Caucasian Federal District. He was stationed at the Mineralnye Vody Airport and remained there till 2021. After that, he retired from all aviation services and took residence in Uzbekistan.

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