Save More Money with Online Coupon Code

Save More Money with Online Coupon Code

Online shopping is the best way to buy a product. You don't need to leave your house, which means you can save more money for transportation.


Just use your computer or mobile gadget. The product price at the online store is mostly cheaper than the local store. Therefore, you can save more money. However, if you want to save even more, you can always use the coupon code.

What is Coupon Code?

The coupon code is a special promotion code from certain online store or brand. With this code, you can get many benefits. Mostly, you will get the discount for your purchase. Some of the coupon code also is only available for a certain product. You can only use it on that product. This is useful, especially if you only need that product.

How to Use Coupon Code?

First of all, you need to get the coupon code. Actually, you can find the code on the online store where you can get the code. Usually, they give you the promo or discount codes when they held a special event or on the special day or date.

The other way to find and get the online coupon code is using the help from online coupon code website. There are websites that provide many coupon codes for shopping at many stores. The best of all, you can get them all for free. What you need to do is find the coupon code that you need. Then, open it and you can find the code that you need. Now, after you get the code, you can use it for your purchase.

You can only use the coupon code when you want to pay the items or products that you buy. Usually, there is an option that allows you to enter the code. Once you enter the code, you will get the benefits from that code. So, it could be a discount or other bonuses. Then, you just need to pay and get the product.

Saving Money Using Coupon Code

The first method is of course, as we mentioned above. Just use the code and get the benefits from it, such as a discount, bonuses, shipping free and others. That way you only need to pay less for purchasing the product or service from certain stores. However, there are also other methods you can use to save money with coupon code.

You need to go to the online coupon code website. At there, you can easily browse the coupon code you can get from many stores. This way you can easily see which stores that offer low price and good promotion. You can use this information as a reference to choose the stores where you can spend your money. The stores with better offers will help you to save more money.

The last saving tips you must understand is the expiration date. The online coupon code has its expiration date. Pass that date, you won't be able to use it and get the bonuses. So, once you get the coupon code, make sure you understand this date. Use it at the right time, and you will be able to save more money.

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Everything You Need To Know About The James Charles And Tati Westbrook Feud

This isn't just another sister scandal.


The James Charles v. Tati Westbrook drama has been arguably the most memorable YouTube feud in 2019.

On May 11, 2019, Tati Westbrook, a 37-year-old beauty blogger, uploaded a 43-minute video entitled "BYE SISTER..." exposing 19-year-old makeup artist James Charles for two main actions: selfishly endorsing her top competitor for her vitamin product and for using his celebrity status to prey on straight men even with the knowledge that they are straight.

James Charles found fame when a tweet of his wearing a full face of makeup in a yearbook photo went viral. He then found success as the first male CoverGirl, and amassed a whopping 16 million+ subscribers on YouTube. Before the scandal, he even attended the Met Gala on May 6. Not even a week after the event, Charles lost more than 3 million subscribers after Tati uploaded her video. Even stars like Miley Cyrus, Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Tana Mongeau and Shawn Mendes have unfollowed him on various social media platforms, not to mention Grayson Dolan, Ethan Dolan, and Emma Chamberlain, his fellow members of the "Sister Squad."

The James Charles tweet that went viral and began his

However, James is no stranger to scandals. In February of 2017, prior to a school trip to Africa, James tweeted, "I can't believe we're going to Africa today omg what if we get Ebola?" which many found extremely offensive. He defended himself by saying that he was simply making fun of his friends mistake, "but did not think about what the tweet as a whole was implying." In April of 2019, James revealed that he was going on a nationwide tour to meet his subscribers, but fans were frustrated to find out that the tickets ranged in price from $60.50 to $551.50. The $500 package included a pre-show hangout with James, a professional picture opportunity, and a goodie bag valued at around $250. James responded, "I am sorry that we disappointed many of you. We have worked very hard to put this tour together and want it to be accessible for everyone & an amazing experience no matter the ticket."

James Charles' tour

Tati Westbrook, formerly known as GlamLifeGuru on YouTube, posts beauty hauls, tutorials, and reviews on her channel and earned nearly 6 million subscribers before uploading her video about James Charles. Westbrook chose to take James under her wing when he was only 17 years old when he was just starting out as a YouTuber, even allowing him to do her makeup on her wedding day. As he began to gain success, Westbrook continued to promote him on her channel, constantly encouraging her subscribers to use his code "James" for 10% off on a Morphe order, thus supporting his sponsorship with Morphe Cosmetics. She said in her video that she "wrapped as much love as [she] could around this kid, more from a parental stance than... a best friend stance." But seeing his story advertising Sugar Bear Hair was the last straw. Westbrook defended herself for uploading the video by saying that James betrayed her trust, and that if things were handled privately, her words would be twisted.

In her video, Westbrook's first claim was that James lied about his contract with Sugar Bear Hair. James posted an Instagram story endorsing Sugar Bear Hair vitamins, the rival of Westbrook's own brand Halo Beauty, saying they provided him with security during Coachella. Though this specific action might not seem like a big deal from an outside perspective, Westbrook emphasized that James previously refused to endorse Halo Beauty because of his younger audience, but he suddenly had no problem supporting Sugar Bear Hair. She claimed that James even lied about how he obtained the contract from Sugar Bear Hair, saying that it's impossible the company had extra artist passes worth thousands of dollars. Westbrook then explained that she and her husband James aided James Charles tremendously in jumpstarting his career, from helping him monetize his videos (causing him to immediately make $2500 each video) to getting him a sponsorship with StyleHaul, known for its influencer campaigns with major cosmetic brands, when no one wanted to work with him after his Ebola scandal.

Westbrook's second claim was that James used to his fame to prey on straight men for his own sexual gratification. She claims, "You're [pressuring straight men] to have them behave sexually in your favor, even if they're straight, and you know what, that's not okay." Westbrook is probably alluding to the situation with James and model Gage Gomez, who James brought to this year's Coachella. Gage uploaded a video saying that he was bi-curious and simply wanted to attend Coachella with James to see where their relationship could go, but James tweeted that Gage was "a disgusting con artist." Westbrook also explained a situation at her birthday dinner where James outwardly described the sexual acts he wanted to perform on the waiter. When she told him he was straight, James responded, "It doesn't matter; I'm a celebrity." Upon the release of the video, many stories of his predatory acts began to emerge including those of the waiter in Westbrook's video, Swedish singer Zara Larsson's boyfriend, and even classmates who went to high school with James.

In response to Westbrook's video, James posted an 8-minute apology video, which has become the 9th most disliked videos on YouTube, at around 2.8 million dislikes. Many people thought the apology was insincere and scripted. In his emotional apology, James said, "I hate knowing that I disappointed not only [my fans], but two people [Tati and James Westbrook] that have been role models for me doing this." He also apologized for the boy situation, stating, "I've been involved with very unique and strange situations that have left people very confused and upset, and I've learned the hard way about ways that I can interact with boys I'm interested in and also ones that I should or shouldn't be talking to." Finally, when addressing his own mother, James gets emotional, appearing to fight back tears (even though no tears are actually visible). He says, "Mom, I know you want to defend me, and fight for me, and go off on comments, but I ask that you don't—this is my problem that I got myself into and this is my job to deal with this."

To insert my opinion into this situation, I would side more with Tati Westbrook. This is not to say that Westbrook was a little bit in the wrong with the fact that this debacle could have been handled privately, but I still understand the reasons behind why she uploaded the video. Even though James denies many of the allegations Westbrook brought up, enough people have come forward to make me believe that James is a predator and has let the fame and money get to his head. Yes, James is 19 years old and young people make mistakes, but James is also fully an adult and can think for himself. It's surprising that the numerous scandals have not caused him to learn his lesson, and it took Westbrook's tell-all video and losing millions of subscribers to humble James a little bit. Even then, James only apologized for what he did, but didn't necessarily own up to it. The apology video seemed more like damage control rather than an actual change of character.

While it is unknown what will happen to James Charles' career, I hope that James doesn't treat this as just another scandal. Even those who were once subscribed to him know that something about this feud was different than his previous ones, and they unsubscribed for a reason. I hope he takes some time to rethink his brand and how he carries himself online, but for now, James truly needs to take some time away from the public light before he makes anything worse.

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A Complete Guide on How to Enjoy Divinity in Zagreb, Croatia?



Among many European countries, Zagreb is considered one of the hottest countries in the world. It is a destination where not many tourists go but if they decide to go, they make sure of managing everything in advance – which places to visit, how to visit, and when to visit are some frequently asked questions.

In this article, we have gathered enough information for all those who are about to travel to Zagreb for the first time. As it is the first time only when a tourist feels insecure and quite hesitant in hiring services.

Let's figure out what we need to know prior delving into other aspects. First and foremost, it is about the route you need to take, rent a car service, and place to spend your days. Secondly, it is about their integrities as in further details which might not be required to know in this article.

Where to go to Zagreb?

Following are some areas which are a must to go in Zagreb. Reason being they are the best tourist spots which are profoundly known for their landmarks.

1. St. Mark Cathedral

2. Lotrscak Tower

3. Ljubljana

4. Plitvice National Parks

5. Zagreb Airport

How to go to Zagreb?

Now, the question arises as to how one can go to Zagreb. Is it just through rental pick and drop services? Or do we have other options too? Well, the answer to it is simple: traveling across Zagreb is possible through hiring Auto Europe rental car service. It works with hundreds of drivers and customers with the utmost quality. A number of pickup locations make the visit to Zagreb easier by picking the tourist from the airport and taking them to the hotel. From hotel to the fixed tourist points is another task assigned to these rental car service chauffeurs. Everything is preplanned and at times decided on the spot.

What services to render for traveling to Zagreb?

This company is best in providing all you may need in a good rental car facility. Having said so, it complies best and affordable prices which mostly come in the form of a package. Moreover, each and every trip to Zagreb with Auto Europe is full of excitement and a new car. It helps in maintaining and stabilizing business of the rent a car globally. For instance, in summers, they offer sportscar which totally puts a customer in a state of awe; and in winters SUV is rented for climbing up the mountains.

Last verdict:

In short, cars matter the most and renting a car from this particular company, one tends to have a fun-filled, amazing, and full of memories kind of a trip.

You and I, all those who want to visit Zagreb, must explore the place with the right rent a car service. In this case, rent a car from Zagreb and visit other campsites in the pitches and patches of mountainous, natural, and epic areas.

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