Live From New York, It's Another Flop

"Saturday Night Live" aka "SNL" was the show to watch when I was in middle school along with "Gossip Girl" and other shows I have since forgotten. "SNL" was the one everyone watched, from the students to the teachers, come Monday someone would make a reference, hum the theme song or mention it in passing.

I was only somewhat familiar with "SNL" as I didn’t watch it at all. It wasn’t because I was trying to go against the grain, it’s because I was very socially unaware and had no clue what it was. As life goes, however, I did eventually see a few episodes and distinctly remember a Brian Fellows (one of Tracy Morgan’s characters) skit which I found hilarious.

That was it though. I watched a few episodes here and there and only specifically tuned in when a favorite celebrity of mine was the guest star i.e. Taylor Swift or Ryan Reynolds or Justin Timberlake. I chuckled here and there, but overall aside from Weekend Update with whoever the current anchor was and the occasional digital short I didn’t love it.

Then, thanks to Netflix and my brothers, I saw some of the seasons from past years with Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, Molly Shannon and Eddie Murphy. Again, I found them funny, arguably funnier than what was happening on the current season.

I still didn’t love SNL though. Now it could be me, "SNL" plays on humor that doesn’t mesh with my dry and sarcastic one. It could also be the show. It could be the fact that SNL is no longer funny. It could be that it lost its mojo.

Think about it. When was the last time an "SNL" skit went viral? When was the last time you tuned in because you were excited for the show not just for the musical guest and host?

For a show that’s all about humor and improv, it is noticeably unfunny.

Personally, I haven’t watched a full episode in years. Unless a particular skit goes viral, you can bet that I won’t see it. I would rather stare at nothing than watch an episode.

It’s not just the fact that "SNL" is no longer funny, a lot more factors into its recent decline.

For one, the cast members don’t even look like they’re having fun. Before, watching the cast break characters was a sign of just how hilarious the skit was now they recite their lines with the dutifulness of a cubicle worker. Not to mention many have them have been fired over trivial matters or because they dared to critique the show.

Secondly, as time went by I began to hear stories about how SNL was being run, to racist skits, lack of diversity and office sexism. So the show that was already lacking momentum became even less funny bearing that in mind. If you have to resort to racist or sexist humor to be funny then it’s not funny, it’s lazy writing.

"SNL" isn’t all bad. It’s produced some actors and actresses whose careers I still follow. I can even admire its daring and on the nose skits, but even those have been lacking as of late.

All I can say is: Get it together SNL or get close the curtain.
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