So, you know how Facebook does those sponsored ads that pop-up on your timeline? Yeah, well I usually don't pay them any attention, but one, in particular, caught my eye. The ad was for a company called Sand Cloud. I clicked on the link and was pleasantly surprised at what I found. For those of you that have never heard of it, it is a company that sells beach towels, blankets, water bottles, beanies, and other trendy beach accessories, and 10 percent of all profits go to help saving marine life. As a pre-veterinary medicine major, helping animals is a great interest and passion of mine. So what could be better than buying the cute beach items I purchase every year from a company that has the same passion as myself? While I'm hanging on the beach with my new cute gear, I am helping the beach itself.

Since I immediately fell in love with the products on the site, and I was super excited to find a company with this cause, I filled out the steps to become an ambassador. Now, I can officially say I am an ambassador for Sand Cloud. What that means is basically I buy the products, post pictures supporting the company on social media, and spread awareness about their awesome cause. Plus, I get a discount for myself, and one to share with others. (I will leave that at the end of this article. You're welcome.)

Many people aren't aware of the impact of the pollution we create on our oceans and marine life. According to, 52 percent of marine life have ingested plastic, 18 percent of plastics dumped in the ocean end up on the beach, and 30 percent of marine life have been entangled in plastic debris. We have a serious impact on our marine life. We need more companies like this with a mission to help save our wildlife and nature.

Sand Cloud also works with several organizations such as Surfrider Foundation, San Diego Coast Keeper, and Pacific Marine Mammal Center that make it their mission to help marine life and clean up our beaches.

To reward you for reading my article, I would like to give you a discount code! This code will give you 25% off of your purchase! Let's all choose to support companies like this with a mission, and help keep our beaches clean and our marine life safe.

ChelseaBw25 is the code. Enjoy!