"Don't wait for an opportunity, make one." Samoa Joe has been WWE's version of The Punisher for over two years now, dominating opponents and terrorizing fans alike. His move to Smackdown Live in May has provided some shocking moments to the show, including Joe's savage attack on WWE Champion AJ Styles that set up their match at Summerslam this past Sunday. A two-time NXT Champion and multiple-time champion in other promotions like TNA, Joe has proven to the world that he can hang with the best in any promotion.

I hope Vince McMahon is reading this because I speak for everyone when I say Samoa Joe should be WWE Champion NOW.

Just two days after Summerslam where Joe won via DQ, he (as well as some fans) were angry at the fact that he didn't win the championship. In fact, reports say that McMahon was very close to switching the winner of that match the night of the show.


Joe has immense potential to be a dominant WWE Champion, and that's someone we need right now in the company. WWE lacks that 'big fight feel' in a superstar like Taz was to ECW or some stars in UFC. Joe is that solution to that drought. Imagine Joe having open challenges with anyone on Smackdown and having instant classics. He puts all of his energy in that ring, so why not capitalize on it and showcase more of his skills and personality.

I love AJ Styles, but Samoa Joe is a different breed of wrestling, a style bred with MMA that has that, yes, 'big fight feel.' A champion like Joe could provide interesting storytelling on Tuesday nights, and even main event some great PPVs like Hell in a Cell, Survivor Series, even Royal Rumble. If McMahon realizes how pivotal Joe is to WWE, then Joe shall be champion in no time.

I cheered for Samoa Joe when I visited Brooklyn this past Sunday, and I'll gladly cheer for him after seeing the work he's put in so far in WWE.