The Salesforce developer environment is witnessing new horizons, and the new developments are far more expanded than usual. Certainly, it’s not easy to keep up with all the fresh rounds of developments. Every year there comes at least three such releases that unleash the power of Sales force at full swing. Businesses are opting for Salesforce consulting services in order to better understand and be benefited through it. Amidst all this, how can you stay informed about all the current happenings in the Salesforce platform? Below, we have summed up various resources to keep a check on all the current trends and tutorials.

Andy in the Cloud

The blog is well versed with technical aspects and touches a broad base of related topics. Andrew Fawcett takes care of the every type of topic which is currently trending. Some of the topics, which he widely covers, are Lightning Process Builder, IoT, and many other things. Most probably, you will always find something extensively important in his blog posts.


The blogger Ankit Arora keeps on working on some adaptable stuff, which is why he is able to post appreciative content on his blog. He keeps a focus on integration with various other platforms such as Mail Chimp, Google Drive, and Dropbox. His posts never run out of interest scopes as he keeps on putting something trendy in them.

Jesse Altman

In a considerably short period, Jesse Altman has made the hefty contributions in the developer community. His way of conveying the ideas has the right amount of authority in them. Usually, you will see a commendable set of code and captivating pictures in his posts. Along with the development articles, he also covers non-technical topics to keep up with the interests of the readers.


You will hardly find anything non-recommendable on his blog. Usually, he covers aspects on Salesforce in his weekly blog posts and topics. Till now, he has shared up to 30 videos of remarkably respectable content. Paul’s blog can be called as a hefty achievement in terms of video posts.

Matt Lacey

He is a sheer example of dapper personality teamed up with a hack of a talent. His blog accommodates some extensive amount of tutorials and articles. Along with this, he has also put in some great demos to look upon. Very recently, he covered IoT in Salesforce because of which, you may more of such content in his posts.

Peter Knolle

Peter is covering a large portion of his content in the Lightning Components. In addition to this, he has got some really considerable design patterns, REST, JavaScript and many other things.

Nerd @ Work

Enrico Murru is keeping up with development from the previous year. Good thing is, he is keeping his content really fresh and competitive. With his commendable command over the topic, he publishes everything with a great strength in it. Apart from this, he is professional as a JavaScript developer. His blog is worth visiting and must be bookmarked as it offers an extensive variety in SSO, Mobile, Lightning, Apex and many other such things.

{! blog]

Abhinav Gupta blog has earned the spurs in the right way. Surely, the posts are worth considering and reliable. His blog runs because of the core technical, in depth and nicely written posts. His freshly released Chrome extension named Salesforce debug logs is worth recommending and adopting!

Christophe Coenraets

Earlier, he was in Adobe and then switched to Salesforce, probably for giving us some really insightful posts on his tech blog. His blog is worth praising and is a source of an extensively great content.


Harshit Pandey’s blog is something very considerable in terms of tech and Sales force. Harshit seems to relish the current updates on Salesforce and current technology. He keeps something really different about his posts and current updates to maintain a connection with his audience.


The blog was released at DF14 and is the most suitable spot for practicing on Sales force related skills. A recently published lightning component series explains a lot about salesforces advancing levels.

ButtonClick Admin

Mike Gerholdt is handling this blog with quite a proficiency and commendable blog posts. Undoubtedly, the blog is awesome and worth coming back to.

Sales force Hacker

Adam Torman is unremittingly professional and nice. The content is up to the league and serves as a service to the curious masses out there. As a human, Adam is the unmatchable soul and always ready for lending a helping hand.

These are some of the most popular Salesforce blogs and websites that every Sales force developer should bookmark to stay updated with the latest trends and news related to Sales force integration, customization, and development.